7:15 Practices

The DAM Board of Directors has carefully weighed the pros and cons of cancelling the 7:15 PM swim workouts until mid-March. Due to consistently low attendance during the winter months the Board has decided to temporarily cancel the 7:15 PM workouts. We are sorry for the inconvenience to the swimmers who do attend this workout but it is not economically sound to pay for pool time, coaching staff, etc. for less than 8-10 swimmers and this workout has been averaging about 3-4 swimmers*. 

The Board anticipates that with the arrival of Daylight Savings Time and warmer weather we can again offer a 7:15 PM workout and we are targeting Monday, March 11 for resuming this practice.

The Board thanks you for your continued support and your efforts towards keeping our club strong and successful. These decisions are not made lightly and we appreciate your understanding.

*In addition to the coach on deck, we need at least 8 swimmers and a certified Second Guard in order for a workout to be viable, and to comply with the City's Lifeguard requirements at workouts.  The 7:15 pm workout during winter months is usually the only time slot of our daily nine practices that falls below these numbers.  If this workout time during winter months is important to your schedule,  please show your support by attending this practice.