7:15 Practices

Due to low attendance, the 7:15pm practice has been cancelled since 12/17/2018. 

At the Monday, December 10 board meeting, the DAM Board agreed to restart the 7:15pm practice on 2/4/2019 through 2/14/2019. The board will then reevaluate how to proceed for the rest of February based on attendance during that time period. 

We need at least 8 swimmers, 1 coach, and 2 lifeguards in order for a workout to be viable, and to comply with the City's Lifeguard requirements at workouts.  The 7:15 pm workout during winter months is usually the only time slot that falls below these numbers.  If this workout time during winter months is important to your schedule,  please show your support by attending this practice.  

City of Davis requirements for City Pool operations : 
The City of Davis requires that we have two certified lifeguards present at all swim workouts for safety reasons. 
The City of Davis also requires at least three people help replace the pool covers. 

We are also hoping that potential evening lifeguards will attend certification classes to be held in January. Our agreement with the City requires that we have two certified lifeguards present at all swim workouts. So if you have been a lifeguard in the past and your certification has lapsed, please sign up and attend the January classes. Detailed information to follow.