Pacific Masters Championships

Santa Clara, CA: The Davis Aquatic Masters finished fourth overall (3,117 pts) at the Pacific Masters Swimming Short Course Championships last weekend at the Santa Clara International Swim Center. Additionally, the final team rankings are separated into Large, Medium and Small team sizes and this time DAM took home the title in Medium-size team division.  Leading the way in DAM points earned was Individual Hi-Point winner Matt Roper with 134 points. The other DAM point scorers to place in the top 5 men and women  are: WOMEN - Laurek Krozetz - 3rd (82 pts), Helene Nehrebecki - 3rd (119), Erica Wright - 5th (79), Emma Garforth - 3rd (129), Jane Russell - 2nd (133), Cecily Sprouse - 3rd (119), Sally Guthrie - 2nd (122), Mizuho Iwamoto - 4th (120), Kris Hornoff - 5th (114) and Leslie Westergaard - 2nd (110). MEN - Satori Iwamoto - 2nd (129), Kevin Waterson - 4th (121) and Brian Bolz - 3rd(74).

Pacific Masters Swimming also used the event to recognize the top age-group swimmers of 2018. Andy McPherson (70-74) and Sarah Hernandez (30-34) earned the titles of Swimmer of the Year in their respective age groups for their overall successes last season in short course, long course and open water competitions and were each awarded a $100 gift certificate.  Vivian Crow (18-24), Jane Russell (55-59), Sally Guthrie (65-69), Susan Munn (80-84), Satori Iwamoto (30-34), Matt Roper (35-39) and Robert Norris (80-84) were runners-up in their age group, earning $50 gift cards and Leslie Westergaard (75-79) and Brian Bolz were third-place finishers, receiving a $25 card.

Overall, new DAM Individual Records were set in twenty-five individual events by eight DAM swimmers. Those swimmers are: Laurel Krovetz (18) 100 Fly; Emma Garforth (51) 200 Brst and 200 IM; Kim Elsbach (55) 200, 500, 1000 and 1650 Free; Stuart Kahn (65) 1000, 1650 Free, 100 Brst, 200 Back and 200 Fly; Steve Grimes (67) 50 Brst;  Sally Guthrie (69) 100, 200, 500, 1000 Free, 100, 200 Fly and 200 IM; Kris Hornoff (70) 100 and 200 Brst and Leslie Westergaard (76) 50, 100 and 200 Back. DAM Relay Records and meet victories were earned in three events. Swimmers setting those records and earning 1st Place are: Leslie Westergaard, Kris Hornoff, Sally Guthrie, Kathy Gill (65+ Women 200 Medley and 400 Medley) and Mary Kahn, Jane Russell, Sally Guthrie, Cecily Sprouse (55+ Women 400 Free). In addition, that 55+ women''s team also set the Pacific Masters regional record in their 400 Free Relay. 

DAM swimmers were also event champions in 22 individual events. Laurel Krovetz, Sally Guthrie and Leslie Westergaard led the way with triple wins each.  Others with multiple wins were: Erica Wright, Jane Russell and Matt Roper. Individual event winners were: Kim Elsbach, Cecily Sprouse, Kris Hornoff, Scott Muir, Ted Krovetz, Stuart Kahn and Stephen Grimes.