Swimmer Spotlight

Since 1982, DAM’s annual open water swim at Lake Berryessa has required an army of people to do the myriad tasks involved to make it a success. These tasks include sign-in, body marking, safety, etc. as well as course charting done each year by Pat Long.   But there has always been one person overseeing this enormous effort: the race director.  Many people have taken on this job, from Missy LeStrange at the first Berryessa Swim, to Stu Kahn for the last couple of years.  Trish Price, our swimmer in the spotlight, worked as the Berryessa Race Director for four straight years.

Although Trish grew up swimming, she only started swimming as an adult in 2007 when she started doing triathlons, so she joined DAM. By 2014 she was participating in Pac Masters and USMS championship meets. But it was two years earlier, in 2012, that she served as race director at Berryessa for the first time.

During that first year, she actually shared the task of race director with Michelle Goldberg. She recalls that the success of that year was due to a solid support group, starting with Stu and Mary, and a very large group of experienced volunteers and leaders. She was confident that jobs that were assigned to volunteers would be done and done well. She stresses the importance of every DAM member helping out in one way or another, no matter how small.  And it is important for each member to contribute more generally to DAM because "...swimming is such an important part of fitness for an aging population." The upcoming April Pool’s Day fund-drive is a perfect opportunity for this!

Many memorable events happened during Trish’s tenure as race director. The most noteworthy was the move to the new location at Steele Canyon. But there were also some humorous snafus. At the 2015 race, the generators used to run the pumps to keep the finish line arch inflated ran out of fuel.  Volunteers had to hold up the arch as swimmers ran through! There was also the year when wind gusts blew the tarpaulin walls of the women’s changing room up!

In addition to her active involvement with DAM, Trish is also active in Bike Davis (formerly Davis Bicycles!)serving on the board of directors from 2013 to 2016 and president in 2015-16. When she is not voluteering for DAM or Bike Davis, she is working as a research associate at the Animal Sciences Department at UCD.

Event directors and participant numbers from 1982-2018