7:15pm Civic Practices

Due to low attendance, the 7:15pm practice was cancelled from 12/17/2018 to 6/10/2019. 

7:15pm practices have resumed and will continue as long as the following requirements are met:

  • We need at least 8 swimmers, 1 coach, and 1 secondary lifeguard in order for a workout to be viable, and to comply with the City's lifeguard requirements at workouts.  The 7:15 pm workout during winter months is usually the only time slot that falls below these numbers.
  • The City of Davis requires that we have two certified lifeguards present at all swim workouts for safety reasons. 
  • The City of Davis also requires at least three people help replace the pool covers. 

For the foreseeable future, the lack of a second guard at this practice does not appear to be a problem. The bigger 7:15pm issue, if it exists, will be fulfilling the DAM requirement of 8 minimum swimmers per practice. If you intend to swim at 7:15pm, please be on time so attendance may be taken as quickly as possible.