USMS Renewal and DAM Policies & Procedures

Message from the Board of Directors

This year we are adding one more step to the USMS registration renewal process: As a condition of DAM membership, you must indicate that you agree to abide by DAM's Policies & ProceduresSo two things need to done: 

  1. Sign DAM's Policies & Procedures agreement
  2. Renew your USMS membership (like you've always done)

On November 1, each of you received an email from DAM (via SurveyMonkey) which you will use to simplify this process*.  If you cannot find that email, you can follow this alternate 2-step process:

  1. Sign one of the "New Member Forms" on the table near the sign-in podium at Civic. Since you are already a member of DAM, you do not need to fill out all of the information.  Just sign the Policies & Procedures agreement at the bottom (and print your name in case we have trouble reading your signature).
  2. Go to USMS as you always do to renew your USMS membership. 

If you have any questions or trouble with this process, please contact or

*Step-by-step guide through the SurveyMonkey email

Open the email from DAM/SurveyMonkey that you received on Friday, Nov 1 and follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click the 'Proceed' button in the email

Step 2: When the survey page opens, check the 'yes' box to signify that you are familiar with and agree to abide by the DAM Policies & Procedures. 

Step 3: Click the 'RENEW' button to go to USMS to renew your registration

Follow the regular instructions on the USMS site.

If you've done this but are having trouble getting to the USMS site, just go to it directly:

That's it! You're ready for another year of 43 quality coached workouts a week, friendship and camaraderie, opportunities for competition, and being a part of the best DAM masters swim club in America!

Background - From the October 21 team email

For the past three months we’ve been reviewing the Policies & Procedures both here in the Monday newsletter and on the window at Civic. The policies we have highlighted range from our non-discrimination statement to the need for members to pitch in with the pool covers. It is the Policies & Procedures that have provided the guidelines to keeping DAM running smoothly and successfully for over 40 years.  

DAM first established a set of Policies & Procedures in 1976 because the ‘growing size and complexity’ of the program ‘necessitated having these items readily available to the membership’ to guide the club and communicate the expectations of member responsibilities as the club grew. Since then, the size and complexity has grown and the Policies & Procedures are needed more than ever. It is the responsibility of each member of DAM to be familiar with the responsibilities, expectations and procedures as outlined in the Policies & Procedures.  It is because of this that the board of directors has been working hard to update and publicize them.