KOW February 3, 2020

With a new and better understanding of Newton's laws of physics we can now reconsider actions that either increase propulsion or decrease resistance. Our Kahncept this week is going to be on decreasing resistance or drag.

Here are some varied shapes and the drag coefficients exerted on them. It's pretty obvious that the lowest drag forces are created either in a fully streamlined position or in a streamlined half-body position. No other shapes even come close. Which means, mistakes that are made outside of those streamline positions greatly increase both the drag forces and the physical energy needed to overcome them. 
At some moment in all four strokes you should picture and feel yourself swimming inside  of along tube with all of your forces being directed back so that you can go forward. Basically everything outside that tube is going to create resistance and extra drag. 
Big or small, every excess motion whether horizontally with arms and legs or vertically with head and hips create additional degrees of resistive drag. 
Here are some basic examples of excessive drag being created by poor biomechanics and streamlining errors. In our later episodes we will demonstrate the correct methods to replace these kicking, pulling and breathing problems.