March 18, 2020

Hi All,

We're home from our Hawaiian anniversary/vacation 

and just like all of you safe, but not necessarily sound. 

A lot happened while we were gone and we're very appreciative of the board and their precautionary action Monday to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. Like most of you, we're hunkering down for the next few weeks. During that time, we're still your coaches, and we care deeply about DAM and each and every one of you.

These are challenging, unprecedented times and we'll try hard to keep you active and involved, with increased education and support. We still feel that our job as your swim coaches is to provide the best possible experience for each DAM member under our supervision.

To that end, instead of your usual on-deck coaches, we plan to become your virtual coaches. We're gathering as much information as we can from experts about the physical, psychological, nutritional and short and long-term planning needs of swimmers without pools.

Using both the club website and DAM emails, we'll give access to all of the above using video links, articles, interviews with the experts and more frequent Kahncept of the Week's. This is all new territory for us, so please be patient over the next few days as this evolves. 

Of course, no one knows how long these times will last but while they do, we're here for you.
Change is inevitable...let's all look forward to being poolside again and literally diving right back into the swim of things.

Stu and Mary