Virtual Coach 2020

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Welcome to the Virtual Coach (VC), a collection of resources for DAM members to help us get through this period of no swimming. We will be offering resources in seven topics. Three times a week we'll be adding to each topic.
Introductory message from Stu and Mary:
Hello DAM Swimmers -

Welcome to the first DAM edition of our 2020 Virtual Coach. We're categorizing the more common swim topics associated with the Covid 19 shutdown and as more resources become available (and they are numerous) they'll be added into the library of information. We will be sending email messages three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) to continue our plan of increased support and education. Each email message will be collated and presented on the homepage of the DAM website*. 
We've received an abundance of support for this project and thank each and everyone one of you for your kind words. We're also still on the lookout for interesting links and ideas to share. Please contact Stu at or Mary at if you have something.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,

Stu and Mary

*Editor's note: there is a prominent link on the front page to the Virtual Coach resources.