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Can’t Swim? Here Are 25 Things You CAN Do To Stay In The Zone & Get Fighting Fit by Wayne Goldsmith, international sports coaching expert. Wayne has influenced the coaching, thinking and teaching of some of the world’s leading athletes, coaches and teams. 
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USMS is providing information and resources to help our community stay informed, stay healthy, and stay positive. 
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How much swim-specific fitness can you expect to lose if your pool is closed by the coronavirus?  by Paul Newsome, Australian Swim Coach, and Owner and Creator of Swim Smooth. He shares the encouraging data through and out of his journey in a recent prolonged illness. 
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At-home yoga for swimmers. For the next two months Swimming-Specific Yoga will be offering free online yoga classes (25-45 minutes) for swimmers ending May 31st. These yoga classes can help you not only maintain, but improve your fitness levels. They will also benefit your mental wellness during these challenging times.

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Our recent food drive for the YCFB brought in 400+lbs of food and over $5,000 in donations. but they need more help. The regular pool of daily volunteers at the YCFB, compromised mainly of senior citizens, has evaporated. If you, or you kids, are bored and want to do something good for others, help support the YCFB by volunteering at the link below. volunteer/  
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1976 Olympic Trials Men's 400m Free. Here is the story and video of one of the most exciting middle distance races in USAS history. Check out the racing gear (or lack thereof) from 44 years ago.