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Can’t Swim? Here Are 25 Things You CAN Do To Stay In The Zone & Get Fighting Fit by Wayne Goldsmith, international sports coaching expert. Wayne has influenced the coaching, thinking and teaching of some of the world’s leading athletes, coaches and teams. 
The American College of Sports Medicine is dedicated to supporting and promoting health through physical activity. Thank you to Liz Appelgate for proving the following information. Check here to find many resources to help you continue to stay physically active while at home. 
Over the past 5 years, My SwimPro has become one of the most trusted names in swim technique and training in the world. Thank you to Mary Burke for proving the following information. Check here for more educational workout content both in their app and in their social media channels.
Coronavirus and Swimming: What You need to Know. How this growing pandemic may affect your swimming.  More...
From Stu and Mary (Coaches Note) It's the first day of April and it now looks like we may be in for a longer haul. News, updates and changes are happening daily and we need to continue paying close attention to what's going on around us. So far, our little enclave is safe and we wish all of us can keep it that way. There's not one of you that we don't look forward to seeing back in the swim. To do that, the best action is to remain self-isolated as much as possible. When venturing out, stay safe by following current social distancing advice. For our part, we're hunkered down at home and staying in touch with our family, friends and church via phone calls, texting, Marco Polo and Zoom. For exercise, we're riding indoor and outdoor bikes, walking, using YouTube and jumping rope. We just finished all 5 seasons of Poldark on PBS and have just started Wolf Hall on Netflix. After dinner we often play Sagrada, Sequence or Mexican Train Dominos, and if not, there's always a puzzle in the works on another table. We've really enjoyed creating and presenting the M-W-F Virtual Coach message but think we're close to saturating the aquatics field and plan next Monday to cut back to twice a week, M-Th only. We do have the first edition of the Zoom member list ready for you and we have another fun idea for next Monday to help increase even more member connections.
This article was sent by former DAM member Paul Landes. He offers it as a very upbeat opinion piece on the connection between 'Swimming and Happiness' from a doctor who regularly contributes to the New York Times. 
Should I exercise during the coronavirus pandemic? Experts explain the just right exercise
Today's article is from the Jakarta Post and written by two sports scientists who study athlete health and safety. They're also proud exercise addicts who find the prospect of not exercising almost as disturbing as the prospect of the disease itself. Check this out to see how you compare. More...

Curious what some of your teammates are doing for exercise during the shutdown? Here's the second of our DAM Check-In videos. If you like it and want to be part of the next one, just make a short video (or have someone film you) and send it to us via email. The video needs to be less than 25mb (no more than 10 seconds) and it should introduce yourself and state or show what type of exercising you're doing. In future snippets we'll ask you to show and tell us what you're doing in your free time, but for now it's about exercising. We want you to put yourself out there - literally- and be accountable to yourself, your coaches and your teammates for the benefit of your health.  

This new Check-In project is already turning into a lot of fun. Here's the third of our DAM Check-In videos. If you like these and want to be part of the next one, just make a short video (or have someone film you) and send it to us (mjoyswim@gmail.com or kahnswim@gmail.com) via email. The video needs to be less than 25mb (no more than 10 seconds) and it should introduce yourself and state or show what type of exercising you're doing. In future snippets we'll ask you to show and tell us what you're doing in your free time, but for now it's about exercising. We want you to put yourself out there - literally- and be accountable to yourself, your coaches and your teammates for the benefit of your health.    

As a bonus feature, here is one of our own DAM members recreating a typical training routine ala Rocky Balboa. Special attention and recognition awarded to the actor, camerawoman and scores of invisible little people involved in this memorable, short-subject production. More...

One Type of Exercise 'Reverses' Aging Effect on Stem Cells - Study: Aging takes a toll on your muscle tissue. Researchers discover aerobic activity puts this process in reverse. This is in agreement with the Mayo Clinic where it further suggested High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to have the best benefit in reversing signs of aging at the cellular level. More...

What The Guidelines for Nationwide Reopening Mean For Swimming: The folks at SwimSwam have taken the guidelines from President Trump's three-phase roll out procedure titled Opening Up America Again and, in a fairly short article, look at what it may mean for our swimming world. More...

Strength Training Program for DAM Donors

THRIVE and POWER10 owner and DAM member, Amy Spence, (click here for full bio) is offering a free, online strength training program for DAM members who continue to donate their dues to the club during the Covid-19 shutdown. Amy approached the club with this offer as her way to support DAM and we are very grateful and excited about the opportunity to exercise with her and our teammates.

Here is what we have in mind - 

  • All DAM members donating full dues are eligible for the program and will receive a private invitation to access the online classes. Anyone currently paying leave-only fees ($9/mo) can change their status to donor by contacting registrar@damfast.org before April 28.

  • Classes will be offered through a private portal on the DAM Facebook page.  Eligible DAM members who don't yet have a Facebook page will be taught how to open a basic account with no strings attached.

  • Rest assured that the exercises will include progressions and regressions at three different levels tailored to meet the diverse ability levels of our swimmers.

  • The three levels of Advanced, Intermediate and Rookie exercises will be demonstrated each session by Amy, Stu and Mary.

  • No additional equipment is required as the program will primarily offer body weight exercises only. (Optional dumbbells for Advanced and soup cans for Intermediate may be offered)

  • The exercise routine will focus on four themes - Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  

  • Eight original sessions, created and led by Amy (two live and six pre-recorded) will be available through the Facebook portal and can be accessed and repeated whenever needed. Each session will last between 30 and 40 minutes.

  • The initial live class is next Wednesday, April 29 at noon. The second and final live class will be on Monday, May 4 at noon. After those two live sessions, the next six pre-recorded sessions will posted every Monday and Thursday for three weeks. 


from Liz Applegate and the American College of Sports Medicine

Be Well - These are challenging times. They call upon all of us to be creative, adaptable, kind and calm. At Exercise is Medicine® we’ve been doing our best to provide COVID-19 related resources and support to our EIM extended family. We've highlighted some of the most popular resources below.

Exercise, Children and Their Developing Immune Systems
A Clinician’s Thoughts About Self Care and Physical Activity
A Call to Action: Physical Activity and COVID-19 

City and County Shelter-in-Place Updates: The City of Davis has made some preliminary decisions related to their spring and summer aquatics programming that all DAM members need to be aware of.  Most of the programming changes do not directly affect our club, although pool use remains unavailable at this time.
  • All spring programming (including lessons, training, and pool rentals) are canceled through June 14, 2020.  No pool uses by ongoing aquatic users (read DAM) will be allowed prior to June 14.  The City anticipates making additional decisions regarding potential use of the aquatic facilities closer to mid- to late May.  As information becomes available, it will be sent out to all the organizations as soon as possible.
  • Recreational swim, at both Arroyo and Manor pools, have been suspended until at least July 5, 2020.  The City will re-evaluate the situation toward the end of May for the remainder of the summer. 
Also, Yolo County will extend the countywide health order for residents to shelter in place through May 31. This aligns with the extension timelines of neighboring counties and what is permissible and required under the State Shelter in Place Order. Full text of new order is here...

Neighboring Sacramento County has also extended their Shelter in Place orders through May 22 but simultaneously began relaxing some restrictions. Full text of new order is here...

Schaal Pool Long Course Update: The UCD Aquatics Coordinator reached out to DAM about summer scheduling at Schaal. We were given no word yet as to the date of when the facilities will open or with what restrictions if any, but we've been encouraged to prepare reservation requests for the dates of June 15 through August 15.. However, we did learn that Men's ICA Water Polo has scheduled practice from 6-9pm M-F during the summer, so that would eliminate any long course swimming for DAM after 6pm. We would still be able to practice long course in the mornings on Tues & Thurs from 6-7. 

Reopening: Some of you have asked about the reopening of DAM workouts now that some businesses are opening their doors. There are many factors at play. The Yolo county public health officer has extended the SIP order until May 31st. Responses from Yolo County, the state and the city of Davis all have to be considered. At this time it is too early to determine what reopening will look like. Stu and Mary, and the board are beginning to look at how the easing back into workouts would take place once the go ahead is given. Have patience, we will get through this and back into the pool. Stay healthy.

Coach Appreciation Week:  Please take a moment sometime this week to let Stu and Mary know that you appreciate all of their efforts.  Pac Masters offers these suggestions if you are inclined to show your appreciation with a gift:
  • A card or email telling Stu and/or Mary how their connection helps you stay motivated
  • A gift card or certificate for coffee, ice cream, a (to go) meal, etc
  • Thank-you notes to each of them for selflessly sharing the other with all of us on weekends, evenings, and early mornings
  • Thank them on DAM social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter) -- and be sure to tag USMS
  • Continue to pay your club dues if means are available!
We would also like to point out that there are some individuals who have been working especially hard for the club in these difficult times. Allan Crow, our Finance Director, has worked tirelessly to guide the board through the financial straits we find ourselves in now.  Board members Pat Quinn and Diane Barrett also deserve our heartfelt thanks for their above-and-beyond efforts.

From Coach Stu and Mary: It was a real treat last week to be reminded of the ongoing support and appreciation we have from so many of you DAM swimmers. Your thoughtful, encouraging emails and cards were particularly moving in light of the distance between us these past seven weeks. We were particularly touched by the 7am crew for organizing a terrific group present. Thank you!
It's been a difficult time and we miss all of you. We're so looking forward to June 14 when we can all resume swimming, albeit with probable limits and restrictions. Thank you again for helping us remember we work for the best DAM swim club ever. 

Pools Reopening: Details will come later, but we want you to know that DAM and other local aquatic groups have begun working with the Yolo County Health Office to investigate the possibility of reopening Yolo pools for lap swim prior to June 14. The only thing we know for sure is that swim practices won't be the same. Just as every other business released in Phase 2, we expect to initially function with new restrictions and protocols. No new dates have been discussed yet. More information will come soon.