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Supporting Swim Education during the Coronavirus. For nearly two decades, the mission at GoSwim.tv has been to help people of all ages and backgrounds to swim better and reach their full potential in the sport. Coach Stu has been a subscriber for over a decade. For the next few weeks, when you sign up for a free GoSwim account (or if you already have a free GoSwim account), you will have free access to ALL of GoSwim’s content.  In addition, you will receive a daily email from us, with a link to a video we’ve chosen as part of a weekly theme. This offer is unique and provides THE BEST SWIM VIDEO content anywhere. Go to www.goswim.tv to create your free account, and start searching for the videos that are best for you.

Hosted by two-time Olympian and local swimmer Chloe Sutton, here's an in-depth study of the catch in freestyle. Watch as she breaks down the steps in achieving a high elbow catch which allows for maximum power in freestyle. More...

In this YouTube video, presented by an ex-DAM Coach, Dave Scott demonstrates how to adjust your swimming routine and achieve a great workout using basic swim bands.  More...

Instead of a Technique reminder, here's a gratitude reminder. While most of us are understandably concerned for our own safety, think for a moment about the people taking care of us in our community and our region who are still working and still being exposed to the public. It's the Medical Professionals, Law Enforcement, Public Safety and First Responders, Food and Agriculture workers, City, County, State and Federal workers; and so, so many others (you get the idea). What you may not know is how many of our DAM members are still going to work every day trying to do their jobs the best way they know how, not really knowing how things are going to go that day, but always performing with the best of intentions. Times like these require enormous cooperation and consideration from everyone, including, you and me. For these people, that the rest of us take for granted to be there when we need them, let’s offer a collective “thank you for being there!” and offer our patience, support and gratitude!

Breaking News! FINA votes for dramatic Post-Olympic changes to Breaststroke turns and underwaters.

As part of their continuing efforts to innovate the sport of swimming, FINA has announced dramatic changes to the breaststroke rules for the 2021-2022 season. The rules were originally going to be voted on at the governing body’s next bureau meeting, which was scheduled to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics that were due to start in July, but with that event being postponed until 2021, FINA held a remote bureau meeting this week to vote on a number of important measures. While most of the changes were administrative, the changes to breaststroke will fundamentally alter the stroke. Among the alterations will be the elimination of the need for a two-handed touch on turns, opening up the possibility of flip turns, and unlimited underwater dolphin kicks before 15 meters.  More...

Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines -your longest standing Olympic announcing team— had some time on their hands. Here’s how they called this “race” for a sophomore swimming at @Columbia. Dan's wife, Hannah Storm, from ESPN presents the duo, who do make a backyard inflatable pool short short short course IM feel like an Olympic final. 
Here's another KOW from 2015. This is an Aaron Piersol Backstroke video from GoSwim video. The link connects to the entire video but our KOW focuses only the three second section where he creates all of his armstroke propulsion.