Message from the Board of Directors:

Effective 3/17 every DAM member will automatically be put on leave status and will only pay club fees of $9 per month until pools re-open and workouts resume, at which time they will immediately resume full active status with full fees once again applied. The month of March will be prorated appropriately, as well the month in which we return to full swimming status. Stu has begun the Virtual Coach, which is being offered to all members (regardless of leave status) and will offer advice and resources for dry land training, education and mental wellness in the time being. 

Many members have reached out and expressed a concern for the well being of the club and its employees during the shutdown and we want to assure everyone that we have contingency plans and reserve funds to make certain that we will be as close to the same club as possible once the circumstances beyond our control change for the better. In the spirit of shared sacrifice and circumstances, we do wish to extend the option to our members to opt out of their leave status and continue to pay full dues during this “dry” period. This can be done simply be notifying our registrar ( or any board member of your desire to do so. We also recognize that many of our members are suffering financial and other hardships and may not wish to do so. These members do not need to do anything at this time as their leave status (and subsequent return to active status when the shutdown ends) will be automatic to the day. 

Thank you for your support during these trying times, and we want to extend our best wishes for everyone’s safety and well-being. Our promise and priority will be to work towards being the best DAM swim club in the world, water be DAM’d!