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Virtual DAM: Zoom Groups

We’re going to try and reduce that DAM distance by connecting members via Zoom.  Zoom is an app that allows you to have a remote video conference.  You can meet with 1 person, an entire lane or a whole practice if you'd like. Up to 100 people. You see and hear each other without being physically together.  Many of us have already started using Zoom and it really is almost as good as being there. You’ll either need a smart phone or a computer with a camera and microphone. It’s pretty simple to get started.  
4/1/2020 Update: 
Good news! There was a very quick response to our DAM connection event on Zoom and we're ready to start organizing. As the opportunity unfolds and word gets out that you can actually visit your friends, we expect even more members to enroll. Here is the initial list of swimmers who've agreed to share their email addresses with our team members. They are listed alphabetically by first name (making easiest to find your friends, some of whom, apparently, don't need last names) as well as when they practice and their assigned swim lanes. All of the indicated times are for Civic, except for the 6am at Arroyo which are listed as...Arroyo.

After finding the name(s) of folks with whom you'd like to connect, email Stu (kahnswim@gmail.com) or Mary (mjoyswim@gmail.com) again and request individual contact information for those specific members. At that time, you will be sent their email address and then can begin to Zoom.  


Get Zoom here. You can also get it in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Here are links for getting started on
 Windows and Macs
 The first time you connect, it will install the app on your device. Getting it going on a PC is pretty transparent.  You don’t need to make a zoom account unless you are going to host a meeting. the price is right (FREE)! Just remember the 40 minute cutoff. But even if you want to meet for longer than 40 minutes, just start a new one. It's so easy. https://zoom.us/pricing 


Here is a link to Getting Stated with Zoom. It's an extensive training session, about 30 minutes long, but really is for very large groups or THOSE who purchase THE PROGRAM.


All of the above is relatively easy if you want to Zoom a DAM friend for whom you already have an email or phone number. But what do you do for a LANE-MATE/swim buddy whose contact info you don't have?  Ta-da! Contact Stu or Mary. As we value our member's privacy and security, we will not distribute personal contact information without permission.


  1. If you approve the release of your email address to fellow DAM members, contact Stu (kahnswim@gmail.com) or Mary (mjoyswim@gmail.com) asap with your written permission.  On Wednesday. April 1, we will include in the Virtual Coach message the first list of all of the swimmers who've given permission (first and last names, and most common practice time attended as well as their standard lane assignment).  
  2. After that date, contact Stu or Mary again and request individual contact information for specific members who have given their permission. At that time, you will be sent their email address and then can begin to Zoom.

If you're having technical difficulties, these DAM members have volunteered to help with your Zoom connections - 
Scott Allison   allisco@gmail.com
Diane Barrett  dianebarrett3@gmail.com
Curt Finley    cmfinley@ucdavis.edu
Byron Philleo   byronphilleo@sbcglobal.net