Message from the Board of Directors

The DAM Board of Directors has been working tirelessly to stay on top of the latest news, legislation and advisories and recommendations related to this unprecedented situation. In recognition of the fact that many members are concerned about DAM’s employees during this shutdown, we want to share our most recent decision regarding our commitment to both contractual and part-time employees. First, we have made an un-wavering commitment to our head coach, assistant head coach and financial director that we will be honoring their contracts in full despite the shutdown. Second, we have committed to allowing the use of paid leave by all part-time employees for a full month from the date of the shut- down to help ease the transition and ensure any expectations of pay for the weeks following the closure were met. Finally, the board recognizes this situation will have negative financial implications and is prepared to use our reserves in order to see it through and strive to be the same club upon re-open as we were when we were forced to shut-down.