From Stu and Mary 

As we start our third week of shutdown and isolation, Mary and I want to encourage everyone to stay the course. Continue following the guidelines set by our governing officials and then consider these upcoming days and weeks much like a distance swim, say a One Hour or a Brute Squad. If you've done a long distance swim before you know there's a point about a third of the way into it, where you just have to find a routine and stay in the moment. Don't waste mental effort thinking about how far away the end is, stick to the tasks at hand. Last fall, we were all blown away with the jaw-dropping 4-way, 52 hour English Channel swim by Sarah Thomas. Afterwards we learned her husband/coach never told Sarah how far from the shore she was; only how long it was until her next 30 minute feeding. They both knew that thinking of something so far in the future would be distracting and defeating, so they endeavored to just stay in the moment. We, too, need to remain focused on our daily routines. But it sure is tough to do so. 

Chuck Swindoll had this to say yesterday. "Admittedly, staying separate from one another isn't easy. We're not made to live isolated lives. We not only like being together, we need each other. Being separated is a sacrifice. But it is worth it because of the social benefit. As one of my mentors used to say, 'Certain things MUST be, so that other things MIGHT be."