Message from the Board of Directors

The Board would like to sincerely thank the over 200 DAM members who volunteered to pay full dues during this pandemic. These contributions, which are tax-deductible, will strengthen our reserve funds, support our coaches and financial director, and allow us to get back in the pool as quickly as possible. In addition, on Friday our financial director Allan Crow applied to the PPP or “Paycheck Protection Program Loans with Loan Forgiveness” program (part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act). This would allow a loan (forgiven) for 2.5 times our average monthly payroll for a period of 8 weeks.

For those of you able to contribute, you will see an additional DAM charge in the next few days to bring you up to full dues. If you missed this opportunity and would still like to contribute, please contact our Registrar at:

We received many uplifting comments, some of which we’d like to share with you below.
  • Count me in! It’s a DAM bargain
  • Thank you for keeping our treasured coaches and financial officer employed.
  • DAM is much more than just a swim club.
  • My dues can keep flowing…I’ve been in 4 Masters clubs over the last 25 years, and Stu and Mary are two of the best coaches I’ve ever heard of.
  • Kudos to all of you on the board navigating this difficult situation.
  • Yes, I’d like to continue to support the best team in the land (and water).
  • I am grateful for the wonderful coaches and the support for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Whoever thought we’d be happy to see crowded lanes?