Reopening Schedule & Procedure

Opening remarks from Coach Stu: Following the April 27 City announcement that lap swim pools would reopen on June 14, Billy Doughty (DART Head Coach) and I together undertook a quest to seek an earlier opening date. Due to many factors, this effort is ongoing.

First and foremost we must stress the health and safety of members is paramount in this entire process. Furthermore, equal value must be given to personal responsibility and the need to remind all our swimmers that they Swim At Their Own Risk.

The following procedure will be in place upon reopening and will continue for the foreseeable future.

New Procedure Summary Description

Swimmers will be assigned 1/2 hour spots twice a week. Here's how it'll work:
  • Swimmers will be asked to select their First, Second and Third choices for days of week and one hour swim slot.
    • Days of the week
      • Mon & Thurs
      • Tues & Fri
      • Weds & Weekend
        • The weekend will be further subdivided into the six slots available on Sat plus three others on Sun.
    • One hour swim slots: the normal workout times (6,7,10,11am, 12,1pm, 6:15,715pm)
  • Using their selections, coaches will assign swimmers to designated days, and one of the two 30 minute practice times within their selected and, finally, their designated lane. Special consideration will be given to assign a second guard at every practice. 
  • As part of the Sign-Up Genius reservation request form, all DAM swimmers must read and agree to abide by all guidelines and protocols under forfeiture of participation. (A required radio button must be selected before the reservation process is completed.)
  • For COVID-19 contact tracking purposes, after swimmers receive their designated days, time and lane, no changing of assignments can be allowed. If an assigned swimmer does not show up, that lane remains empty.
  • DAM is unable to provide training equipment of any kind. Swimmers who have their own swim equipment may use it for themselves in their lane only. Personal equipment must be removed from the facility after each practice.
  • DAM will use our pre-shutdown, normal pool schedule (with the addition of the 7:15pm practice)
  • Swimmers must remain in their cars until 5 minutes before the start of their practice.
  • Locker rooms will remain closed. Port-A-Potties and hand washing stations will be on the pool decks.
  • Swimmers must arrive and depart in their swimsuits. No deck changing allowed.
  • As pool furniture will not be available, swimmers may bring their own chairs each time they come to the pool to store their clothing or they may use an assigned space on the pool deck.
  • When not in the water and social distancing cannot be maintained, everyone must wear a face mask.  
  • At Civic, entrance will be through the Brady Bldg, where each swimmer must sanitize their hands and then read and answer daily Entrance Screening questions. Exit after practice will be through the main gate across the brick pavers.
  • At Arroyo, entrance will be through the main gate where each swimmer must sanitize their hands and then read and answer daily Entrance Screening questions. Exit after practice will be through the maintenance gate near where the city trucks are parked.
  • No loitering on the pool deck can be allowed.
  • A  COVID-19 supervisor will be designated to enforce all County guidelines at each practice time and location. Temperature taking is not required but having an available thermometer is recommended.
  • Necessary items for both pools
    • Liquid hand sanitizer 
    • Bleach
    • Paper cloths
    • Extra face masks
    • Touchless soap dispensers
    • Required signage 
Procedure documents

Some Background: How Stu and Mary solved the problem of how to fit 550+ swimmers into the one swimmer per lane requirement.

  • :arrow_right: Both Arroyo and Civic have eight lanes
  • :arrow_right: The above weekly hours (54) x available lanes (8)  = 432 swim lanes per week.
  • :arrow_right: How to fit 550+ swimmers into 432 swim lanes.
  •  :arrow_right:520 registered 2020 members - 76 (no pay-per-swim, college, inactive or unused waivers) - 7 (registered, paying full dues but not swimmiong) = 437

    437 swimmers in 432 lanes is nearly perfect

    :arrow_right: Following the non-negotiable guideline from the County of one swimmer per lane, the question then becomes
    a)     Swim once a week for one hour
    b)    Swim twice a week for 30 minutes.

    :arrow_right: From a purely physiological perspective, given the average age of our members and the 2+ months of non-swimming exercise, the most desirable and appropriate method to ease athletes back into the pool would definitely be option b.

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