Reopening Schedule & Procedure

(transcript from June 1 Video by Stu and Mary )
MARY: Greetings all. It is so encouraging to think we are actually seeing you.
As you may know, last week, Governor Newsom began Phase 3 of reopening business sectors. This is great news but not totally unexpected as we have been working with Yolo County administrators on this for the past month and have already coordinated our re-opening policies to align with their directions. This was all done while continuing to prioritize the welfare of our membership.
To that end, I am going to ask Stu a couple of questions about our DAM reopening process.
First, what can we expect as we reopen?
STU: First and foremost, we must stress the health and safety of members is paramount in this entire reopening process. Even though the following reopening steps are being taken cautiously, safely, and responsibly, please know that our return to lap swimming is limited, extremely limited.
Furthermore, equal value must be given to personal responsibility and the need to remind all our members that they Swim at Their Own Risk. If you are at all anxious about returning soon to the pool, don’t stress about choosing to continue to sheltering-in-place. Do what you think is best for your situation, but, if you are not planning to swim when we reopen could you please email that message to either me or Mary.
Rest assured, though, until all safety guidelines are removed sometime in Phase 4 of the re-opening we will continue to follow whatever protocols the State and County require of our club.
Despite the fact that DAM is a private organization with State approved non-profit status, private membership dues, private insurance, private coaching and safety staffing and exclusive access to what is essentially a private facility, because Civic and Arroyo are classified as public pools, our club is categorized by the State as a Phase 3, High-Risk workplace and, as such, cannot even begin to open until the Governor releases all business sectors in his Phase 3 Roadmap to Recovery.
The good news is those changes have begun and all of us should be anticipating our reopening soon.
After the State releases each business sector from Phase 3, every county determines local guidelines for each individual business. Over the past few weeks, DAM has been actively involved with the Yolo Health Dept, the County Administrator and the County Board of Supervisors in creating those protocols putting us in a position to reopen as soon as we are released.
Using the current version of the Yolo County Roadmap to Recovery: Organized Lap Swimming Protocols and Recommendations we created a compliant and approved procedure which will be in place upon reopening and will continue for the foreseeable future.
Please keep in mind that these protocols are mandates and, for the time being, non-negotiable.
Believe me, we’ve tried. We’ve tried to get two swimmers per lane and we’ve tried to have our program deemed private; not public.
But those challenges and frustrations are diminishing. After all this time away from the pool, our friends, and our routine we are excited about the upcoming changes but caution everyone away from thinking that our program is returning to normal.
As countless businesses sectors throughout the state prepare to reopen, they do so under tight restrictions.
Twenty-five % of capacity seems to be the norm. We may be a little more fortunate than that as it looks like we will be reopening at 33% of normal.
Second question. What actions are currently being taken?
First, we pleased to report we have an update on the County ruling excluding 65+ swimmers and those with underlying medical conditions from participating. Last, Thursday, the language in the Yolo Lap Swimming Guidelines was changed and now reads -  
  • Individuals over the age of 65 and those with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 infection and should take extra precaution when in public. Currently - There are no longer any swimming exclusions or limitations on members 65+ and those with underlying medical conditions. 
Next, we are presenting the written details of our entire reopening process in today’s Monday Message.

Those details include the background on how we solved the social distancing problem with limited pool space; the basic directions for completing the online swim reservation process at SignUp Genius and the measures we have taken to comply with County protocols for Staffing, Screening and Safety.

MARY: Thanks, Stu. We are both excited about being back at the pools soon. And even though this next phase is going to look different it does not change the fact that we are still the best DAM masters club in America.