Detailed 65+ Updates and Status 

  • May 20 - DAM is notified by Yolo County that pools would open for lap swimming only (no recreational swimming, games or sports) but with exclusions for participants 65+ or with underlying health issues. 
  • May 22 - I sent a petition to reconsider that exclusion to the Yolo County Administrator.
  • May 26, morning - I spoke to the County Board of Supervisors on their weekly Zoom call, asking for support to any changes proposed by the Health staff affecting our 65+ members. 
  • May 26, afternoon - Patrick Blacklock, Yolo County Administrator, called with news that 65+ members would be allowed to swim but must be separated from 64 and younger members, while swimming. 
  • May 26, evening - All DAM members 65+ were polled as to their intentions of returning to swim or continuing to shelter-in-place. Eleven have elected to continue sheltering-in-place.
  • May 27, a detailed plan was submitted to the County successfully showing how 14 of our 54 weekly swim hours could be dedicated to 65+ only members.
  • May 28, the County posted online a language update to their Protocols and Guidelines for pool lap swimming. 
  • Currently - There are no longer any exclusions or limitations on members 65+ and those with underlying medical conditions.