DAM News - Weds, Aug 12, 2020

On August 5, the Yolo County Health Department amended its Organized Lap Swimming Protocol  to allow two swimmers per lane.  This decision doubles the current DAM swim opportunity from one hour per week to two hours.  
Last weekend our current membership was surveyed to determine basic swim preferences and we are pleased to announce we're moving forward with a new plan that offers not only two hours per week per swimmer but choices between 
  • swimming three times per week in 40 minute sessions on Mon-Wed-Fri or 
  • swimming twice per week in 60 minute sessions on Tue-Thur
Re-programming the entire membership from one to two pool hours per week requires another round of online reservation. This is just an informational message; it is not the reservation request form. 
Invitations to Reserve your preferred swim times will be sent out Friday, August 14,  Please check all of you mail folders for the invitation. We will stop accepting responses on Sunday, August 16 at 3:00pm. New swim assignments will be sent out that week, and the new schedule will take effect on Monday, August 24. Please be on the lookout for the Friday email from DAM.
The Invitations to Reserve will be sent first to current full dues paying members. After their requests have been received and processed, the next set of invitations will be sent to current members paying base or on-leave fees. The final invitations will be sent to prospective members on the club waiting list.
Once again, we must stress the health and safety of members is paramount in this next phase of the reopening process. Though these next steps are being taken cautiously, safely, and responsibly, we are pleased to be moving in the direction of full programming.
Also, equal value must again be given to personal responsibility and the need to remind everyone that they Swim at Their Own Risk. Keep in mind that swimming outdoors in a chlorinated pool is one of the safest environments available. According to the national swimming news site SwimSwam.com, after more than two months of reopened swimming across the country, there has yet to be one documented COVID-19 case associated with organized, socially distant swimming in any American chlorinated pool.   
The new guidelines and agreement require that swimmers enter, rest and exit at opposite ends of the pool so two athletes never meet on the wall. We are working on finalizing the entry and exit procedures for this new protocol and intend on presenting detailed procedures prior to the Aug 24 start-up date. Expect a few minutes of non-swim time between back-to-back sessions to allow for safe crossover among swimmers.

Once the assignments are made we will again track athletes at every workout so the same swimmers consistently share a given lane and are always adjacent to the same DAM members.

To help visualize the new swim options, here is a table of the available weekday swim hours at Arroyo and Civic. To accommodate more swimmers on MWF, we've added a new two-hour slot from 8:00-10:00am at Civic. If suitable for your schedule, please consider swimming at this time.
Arroyo       MWF      5:55-6:35am
Arroyo       MWF      6:35-7:15am
Arroyo        TTh       6:00-7:00am
Civic         MWF.      6:00-6:40am
Civic         MWF.      6:40-7:20am
Civic         MWF.      7:20-8:00am
Civic         MWF.      8:00-8:40am
Civic         MWF.      8:40-9:20am
Civic         MWF.      9:20-10:00am
Civic         MWF.      10:00-10:40am
Civic         MWF.      10:40-11:20am
Civic         MWF.      11:20-12:00pm
Civic         MWF.      12:00-12:40pm
Civic         MWF.      12:40-1:20pm
Civic         MWF.      1:20-2:00am
Civic         MWF.      6:15-6:55pm
Civic         MWF.      6:55-7:35pm
Civic         MWF.      7:35-8:15pm
Civic         TTh         6:00-7:00am
Civic         TTh         7:00-8:00am
Civic         TTh        10:00-11:00am
Civic         TTh        11:00-12:00pm
Civic         TTh        12:00-1:00pm
Civic         TTh         1:00 - 2:00pm
Civic          TTh        6:15-7:15pm
Civic          TTh        7:15-8:15pm
The Invitation to Reserve will contain a link where you will choose three different workout times. DAM will place all swimmers according to their first choice if possible, then second choice, then third.  Once all time slots in an hour are filled, no more swimmers will be added to it. If you are unassigned after all your choices are exhausted, you will be assigned to a different workout slot.  
Priority Reservation Status will be given in the following order: 
  • First, City required Second Guards
  • Second, Essential workers and school teachers
  • Third, Full-time workers
  • Fourth, part-time workers
  • Fifth, everyone else
One more item we'd like to point out: 
  • Family member swim and Designated lane partner - If you are swimming with a family member or would like to swim with a designated lane partner of mutual agreement, you must identify each other by name, but one of the pair can make choices, and the partner can check a box saying that the other took care of it.  Entry and exit will still take place at opposite ends of the pool.