Air Quality Index

DAM has been using current AQI data from PurpleAir and AirNow in making decisons to offer swim sessions. While we still value the need for exercise, our paramount concern is member health and safety. We take our responsibility in this matter very seriously and have been seeking ways to reconcile the AQI differences between PurpleAir and AirNow.

Because we try to make swim decisions in realtime, practices will be canceled when the PurpleAir conversion factor using AQandU exceeds 150 and is considered unhealthy.

The EPA recommends using the PurpleAir conversion factor of AQandU instead of LRAPA, especially if the AirNow AQI is higher than 150.

DAM is now following those directions.

Please continue to hold our West Coast neighbors in your throughts and prayers as entire communities struggle with loss, hardship and uncertainty.