DAM Scholarship Program

Part of DAM’s Mission Statement as a non-profit entity is to promote the health and well being of the Davis Community through adult swimming programs.

Some of our members have been financially impacted due to Covid 19 and can no longer afford to swim with our program.  This may be a temporary setback. The benefits of remaining in the pool can do wonders for the physical and mental health of our team members. For many of us, the hour spent at DAM is a highlight of the day.

Some of our members are also financially sound, and may be looking for tax deductible charitable giving opportunities. In particular, giving in a way that allows for someone to continue the healthy and spiritually uplifting activity of swimming with DAM, and engaging in the positive culture and community of DAM.  

Would you like a chance to give a less fortunate team member an opportunity to stay in the program while regaining their financial footing? If so, please fill out the confidential sponsor application.