Important  Update on Re-Organizing DAM Swim Program

April 6:

The start of our 4/L swim format will be Monday, April 12. All participating swimmers were sent their assignments on Tues April 6 and have a almost a week to rearrange their person lives to accomodate the new swim schedule!

We ask the team's patience with this process. The scheduling of our swimmers in the 4/L format has been difficult. Stu and Mary are working hard to place swimmers into open workout slots. This process is made harder because the swimmers must also be placed into lanes with a comparable postal pace. [Side note: This would be A LOT HARDER without two dedicated coaches that know their swimmers well!]

After we start the new schedule, and after our members have had a week or two to get used to the new format, we will begin taking new members from our waiting list.

So, look for your new assigned swim times and get ready for the new 4/L format on Monday, April 12!

March 15:

As noted last week, on 2/26, the Yolo County Health Department now allows Davis swim groups to follow the California Guidance for Outdoor Recreational Sports

Those new protocols allow us to increase our weekly swim time from two hours per week to three hours by doubling the number of swimmers per lane from two to four. This new schedule won't begin earlier than March 22 and will most likely be in effect through mid-June. As they have already done twice, Stu and Mary have submitted a re-organizational swim plan to the DAM Board of Directors for approval. The Board is still considering the change and will decide in the next few days.

This is just an informational message; it is not the reservation request form.

If you missed it last week, watch this short video to see four swimmers do a set of 100's free.