DAM Weekend Lap Swim

Sign Up By Thursday, 9PM

You may sign up to swim on Saturday and/or Sunday. Signups for a weekend are sent our on the Monday Message each week and are open until Thursday at 9PM. Signups are for one weekend at a time. Remember, you can sign up for a time on both Saturday and Sunday, but only one 1-hour time slot per day. 

If you sign up more than once, your last entry, as of the cut-off time, will be used. 

You may sign up for any combination of Saturday and Sunday:

  • only Saturday
  • only Sunday
  • either Saturday or Sunday
  • both Saturday and Sunday 
You may indicate a preference for a specific time, but we make no guarantees. A comment field is available to indicate special circumstances.

Buddy signups are allowed. If you sign up with a buddy, or if a buddy signs you up as their buddy, then that is your entry. If you enter again without a buddy, or with a different buddy, then the earlier buddy entry is dropped!  For details on the buddy system and complex requests, see the Monday Message. from Sept 21.

You will be assigned a lane and a “station,” just as in our regular weekday swims. This lane/station may not be your regular lane, and it may change from weekend to weekend, or even from Saturday to Sunday. Pay attention to your lane/station.

You may be sharing a lane! Our weekend lap swim program allows up to two (2) swimmers per lane, just as in our weekday workouts.
If you do not receive a confirmation of your lane and station, then you were not scheduled to swim. If you feel this is an error, please do the following in this order:
  1. Do you seem to be missing ALL of your DAM emails? Gmail users, check your PROMOTIONS tab, please! Check THIS PAGE for instructions on fixing this for all future DAM emails.
  2. Still can't find it? Contact webmaster@damfast.org.
  3. You can email us at any time at dan@damfast.org or webmaster@damfast.org.
NO DROP INS! The guards only have a list of those who are scheduled to swim. They cannot make exceptions or allow somebody to swim who is not on their list. These things are required for us to satisfy the Yolo County Health Department’s Lap Swim Protocol.  FAQs

How Slots are assigned

Each lap swim session is divided into 1-hour slots.

When there are more swimmers signed up than there are available slots, priority is given to the swimmer that has the fewest weekend lap swims (counted during this weekend lap swim program -- so all swimmers start at zero!). When there are conflicts between swimmers of equal priority, then swimmers are selected at random from that priority group until the slots are filled.  

When buddies sign up, the lowest of the two priorities are used, and the pair has a single entry in any roll of the dice. If one slot is remaining, buddies cannot be selected. 

Once  swimmers have been chosen for each day, lane assignments are made. We will try to honor special circumstances as best as we can. 

Cancellation policy

Swimmers may cancel their weekend lap swim assignment, by email, up to 6pm the evening prior to their swim, so that we may try to fill your slot with another swimmer. A cancelled lap swim assignment will still count against your weekend lap swim priority.


The cost is $5 per 1-hour session. DAM will collect payment via EBT transfer from the account you use for your monthly dues. The lap swim collection will happen separately from your monthly dues.