• Any PHOTOS* from the past 13 years. Send to or
  • A short VIDEO* message (no longer than 2 min) to Stu and Mary sharing a memory or a good story. Send to
  • Write a LETTER or SHORT MESSAGE. This will be included in a physical scrapbook that will be given to them. If possible, send a picture of yourself with it. Send hardcopies to KATHY GILL at 119 Faro Ave, Davis 95616, or email to
  • If you would like to give Stu and Mary a card and/or monetary gift, please put it in the box marked “Retirement Cards for Stu and Mary” is at Civic. The box will be on the table on deck during workouts. Please do not put retirement cards in the DAM drop box. The cards left in the Retirement Cards box will be put in a gift basket and presented to Stu and Mary on the day of their retirement party.
    Questions? Contact PAT

* NOTE:  the videos and photos will be compiled and made available online on the DAM website and a digital copy will be given to Stu and Mary as a keepsake. 

If you have questions, please email:

Pat Quinn
Diane Barrett
Scott Allison