May 10, 2021


Thank you for the warm welcome and openness to new training and training lingo.  It's clear you have been very well coached over the years and hope to build on these training and technique foundations.  Please ask as many questions as possible along the way.  I want you to understand the training choices and technique direction.  Rather than have specific days of focused for training I'll aim to cover a spectrum of training needs within each workout. With that said certain days will have a sprint or distance emphasis to the workout each week. If you have specific needs in your training, bring me up to speed at your earliest convenience either by in person discussion or email at:.

I'm getting to know names and faces slowly and the individual contact by you will help speed things along.  I couldn't be more thrilled to be leading the DAM program. Coaching masters swimming has been the most sustainable coaching I've done through careers in intercollegiate and club swimming.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with question, concerns or feedback in general.