DAM Practice Schedule

Notice: Due to COVID-19, we have suspended the normal schedule of practices in order to follow state and local protocols for reopening.
  • Current swim schedule (COVID-19 restrictions in place) is outlined here.
  • More details of state and county protocols can be found here.
  • Schedule described below is NOT in place at this time, but will return once COVID restrictions are repealed.

REMINDER: We will return to the schedule shown below once COVID restrictions are repealed

There are many practices from which to choose. We hold nine (8) one hour sessions per day, Monday through Friday. 

On Saturday morning, we hold three "intensive" practices: 7, 8 and 9am. Expect to be pushed a little bit harder on Saturday.

We also have two (2) three-hour lap swim sessions on weekends: Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM. These opportunities are for current USMS members only and do not count towards one of three free tryout swims.

Weekday Practices
Time Location Notes
Morning 6:00 AM

Civic Pool

There are two (2) sessions at 6AM. The 6AM workout M-F is our only workout at Arroyo Pool. The T-Th Arroyo workout is replaced by the LC workout at Schaal during the summer months.  Please see calendar for updates.
Arroyo Pool
7:00 AM Civic Pool

This practice is full Mon-Fri and not accepting new swimmers

Late Morning 10:00 AM Civic Pool

Up to 4 lanes designated seniors only (65 years+), every day.This practice is full Mon-Fri for non-senior swimmers.

11:00 AM Civic Pool
Afternoon 12:00 PM Civic Pool
1:00 PM Civic Pool
Evening 6:15 PM Civic Pool This practice is full on Monday evenings and not accepting new swimmers.,
7:15 PM Civic Pool This practice is not offered on Fridays and, due to seasonally low attendance in the winter and spring, only offered Mon-Thu during the summer months.

Weekend Practices and Lap Swim Times (all at Civic Pool)
Day Time
Saturday 7:00 - 8:00 AM One-hour intensive practice. This session is full and closed to guest and tryout swimmers.
8:00 - 9:00 AM One-hour intensive practice.
9:00 - 10:00 AM One-hour intensive practice.
10 AM-1 PM

Lap swim

Sunday 10 AM-1 PM Lap swim


Summer Long Course at Schaal Pool
Day Time

Tuesday/Thursday June - August

(see calendar for exact dates for each year) 

6:00 AM Schaal Pool is located on the UC Davis campus on the southwest corner of Hutchison and La Rue (map).

The morning practice is from 6-7a.m. and replaces the Arroyo pool sessions. Civic practices at 6 and 7a.m. are still offered. Lane lines usually have to be put in and members begin pulling them down at 5:50a.m. UCDavis parking enforcement at the Schaal lot begins at 7:15a.m.

The evening practices are scheduled to begin at 6:10 and 7:10p.m. The first practice actually starts as soon as the lane lines are in, which can take less than 10 minutes and the second practice begins one hour later. Plan on starting closer to 6 and 7, rather than later. Parking is free before 7:15a.m. and after 5p.m.
6:10 PM
7:10 PM