Information for prospective members of DAM

Thank you for your interest in joining Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM).

Monthly Payment
Membership dues Pool Fees Total
Pay per swim $9/month $10 per swim (coached practices only***) ($9+$10 per swim)/month
Unlimited swims, members under 65 years of age $9/month $49/month $58/month
Unlimited swims, members 65-79 years of age $9/month $44/month $53/month
Unlimited swims, members 80 years of age or older $9/month -- $9/month
*** Weekend lap swim only if swimmer identifies himself or herself to the lifeguard on duty.

Forms (some member information links are disabled until further notice)
  • FAQs
  • DAM Basics: All you need to know to get started in DAM
  • Payments: Monthly DAM dues are paid by automatic monthly payment* from your checking or savings account. Swim fees for unlimited swims also are paid by automatic monthly payment. Please complete the direct payment authorization form and return it to DAM’s financial director, Allan Crow (
  • Drop-ins: One-time visitors who are registered with USMS pay $10 by cash or check. The cost for unlimited weekly swims is $20.
  • USMS Registration: All individuals who swim with DAM, regardless of the frequency, must maintain current registration with US Masters Swimming (USMS). To register or to renew your registration, click here. The USMS provides liability insurance for DAM and requires that all participants in our workouts, weekend lap swims, and competitions are registered. All USMS registrations expire on 31 December and must be renewed annually. You will receive a registration reminder from USMS around 1 November.
  • New Member Form: Whether you plan to swim regularly or occasionally, please complete DAM’s new member form and return it by email to DAM’s registrar, Erica Fleishman (
  • Trial Period: Prospective DAM members may participate in one coached workout** for free. If you would like to take advantage of this trial, you must first complete the USMS Guest Membership Application. Please bring the completed application to your first workout. If you have any questions, please speak with the coach on deck or contact us at

If you have questions about DAM membership, please contact us at Or read our FAQs.

* Direct Payment Program: When you join DAM, your prorated first month's dues and swim fees must be paid by check. After the first month, all members must pay dues and, if applicable, swim fees for unlimited swims via direct payment by authorizing regularly scheduled payments to be made from a checking or savings account. Payments will be made automatically not earlier than the fifth day of every month. Proof of payment will appear on your bank statement. The authority you give DAM to charge your account will remain in effect until you provide written notice to DAM of cancellation or changes no later than the 25th of the prior month.

** Does not include weekend lap swim.