Information for Current Members of DAM

Notice: Due to COVID-19, we have had to suspend the normal schedule of practices in order to follow state and local protocols. However. we are currently transitioning back to normalcy. See the announcements in the blue box on the damfast homepage.
  • Current swim schedule is outlined here.
  • More details of state and county protocols can be found here.
  • Schedule described below is not fully in place at this time, but will return once our transition to normalcy is complete.
  • Monthly Payment
Membership dues Pool Fees Total
Pay per swim $9/month $10 per swim (coached practices only***) ($9+$10n*)/month
Unlimited swims, members under 65 years of age $9/month $49/month $58/month
Unlimited swims, members 65-79 years of age $9/month $44/month $53/month
Unlimited swims, members 80 years of age or older $9/month -- $9/month
  • Membership or swim-fee changes: If you wish to change your membership status, change from paying swim fees for unlimited swims to paying per swim (or vice versa), or have other questions about DAM membership, please contact DAM’s financial director, Allan Crow (
  • Leave of Absence: If you currently pay swim fees for unlimited swims but will be out of the pool for several months and would like to suspend swim fees for that time, we must receive notification no later than the 25th of the prior month. To do this, complete and submit this Leave of Absence form and submit to Erica Fleishman ( You must provide information on when you plan to leave and when you plan to return. (Example: you currently pay for unlimited swims but will be away from Davis from 1 December - 28 February. You must request the change in writing no later than 25 November.)
  • Canceling membership: To cancel, members need to inform Allan Crow ( and Erica Fleishman ( in writing -- email is fine -- no later than the 25th of the month prior to the cancellation.  So, for example, 25 January is the latest day to cancel for membership changes effective 1 February.
  • Visitors: Visitors from out of town who are registered with U.S. Masters Swimming but are not members of DAM may pay $10 for a one-time drop-in fee or $20 for a week of unlimited swims.
  • USMS registration: All individuals who swim with DAM, regardless of the frequency, must maintain current registration with US Masters Swimming. To register or renew your registration, click here. The USMS provides liability insurance for DAM and requires that all participants in our workouts, weekend lap swims, and competitions are registered. All USMS registrations expire on 31 December and must be renewed annually. You will receive a registration reminder from USMS around 1 November.
  • Other useful information

* n=number of swims
*** Weekend lap swim only if swimmer identifies himself or herself to the lifeguard on duty.