DAM Newsletter Tidbits

Collected for the 40th Anniversary Celebration

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, April 1995
DAM Tattoo Anyone?

As a fundraiser, DAM offered a way for members to have tattoo of the team logo "permanently etched on your skin" for $79.95. The newsletter doesn’t say how many members took up DAM on the offer.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, August 1996
Hot Time at the Pool

21 days over 100 degrees … since June 1 and counting.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, July 1997
DAM Workouts in Sacramento

DAM started offering workouts across the causeway with a 5:45 a.m. workout at America River College that were coached by Tammy Dorso. The newsletter didn’t report how long the Sacramento workouts lasted.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, January 1995
DAM's Women Rule

The Journal of Applied Physiology in 1990 showed that female endurance athletes burned proportionately more fat for energy than their male counterparts. Also, carbohydrate loading does not help women athletes.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, April 1997
Dreaming of Asparagus and Swimming
By Jack Mills

"Not long ago, I entered my first major swim meet. A recurring dream about losing track of my lap count during my first event, the 1650, kept me tossing and turning most of the night before the meet. In my dream, I followed what I thought would be a foolproof strategy for counting the 66 laps of the event: I carefully placed sixteen stalks of asparagus on the deck, with the idea that I would eat one after every four laps. When all the asparagus was gone, I would know that only two laps remained, and I should be able to sprint those last 50 yards. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the dream race. Spectators who walked by my lane during my heat observed the dwindling pile of asparagus, and then replaced each piece of asparagus I had eaten before my next lap. I just kept swimming and swimming and swimming."

Over the years, DAM made it a tradition of publishing zany stories in the April editions of the newsletters. Here are some:

April 1995
"Coach Mike Collins swam across the Yolo Causeway with an inflatable alligator in 2 hours 23 minutes. He swam with a wetsuit, goggles, ear plugs, spear fun and inflatable alligator."

April 1996
In an emergency session, FINA Masters Technical Committee and the USMS Board voted to ban the butterfly at all masters swims and competition.“There have been several cases of people hurting their backs or injuring shoulders. Too many people are swimming like moths instead of butterflies,” said Coach Fullabull.

April 1998
Because of several negative comments, DAM decided to change its name. They asked members to come up with a new name, some of which included: "Swimmers Galore," "Gee Your Skin Smells Terrific," "Can’t We All Just Swim Together?" "Flip Turn City," "The Avid Swimmer" and "Swim Your Ass off." The board chose "Swim Your Ass Off" as the new name. "We are excited about the new name," said the DAM board president. "We look forward to making more similarly important and well-thought-out decisions in the near future."

April 2006
The Board of Directors has also designated the 11 a.m. workout a swimsuit optional session, but only during the summer months, May-September.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, October 2001
DAM Overseas Swim Races, junkets

Fifteen DAM swimmers signed up to go to Brazil with Coach Rick on Feb. 14-25, 2002. Looking for five more swimmers. 16 swimmers made the trip and … wisdom from the trip: Al Wright: … "The club had a 50 meter pool where the second lap was actually longer than the first – or certainly seemed that way." Lots of drinking, eating, dancing and – oh yeah – some swimming too. Team members also made swim trips to Greece … Brazil, Portugal, Greek Island, Galapagos, Philippines.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, May 2000
DAM Returns to Picnic Day Parade

For the first time in a decade, DAM had a float in the annual Picnic Day parade. The parade date had conflicted with the Pacific Masters Swimming Championship meet, so members weren’t able to take part in the annual community parade. The club returned to parade with made back-of-a-pickup-truck float of tradition construction and crepe paper that included the new logo. More than two dozen members helped with the float. The newsletter didn’t mention whether anyone rode the float in their swim suits.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit, April 2010
Coach Stu Fires 'Em Up

Coach Stu is known for his speeches and efforts to fire up DAM swimmers for big meets. Here one fire ‘em up article rallying the troopers for the 2010 PacMasters Yards Championships in Pleasanton.

"At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. One extra degree … makes all the difference. And the one extra degree of effort in sports and in life … separates the food from the great! Together we must be responsible for our individual efforts. Together at the Pacific Champs, DAM is a GREAT team. To get what we never had, we must do what we’ve never done. We’ve started by entering the meet with the largest contingent of DAM swimmers in club history. The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it and the faith to believe it’s possible." DAM placed third in the team standings 100 swimmers participated.

DAM Newsletter Tidbit

The 1.5-hr Saturday intensive workout was inaugurated in the '77-'78 season - people enrolled and paid a fee for the first several years

DAM Newsletter Tidbit

In 1978, ten DAM members traveled to Hawaii to swim the Maui channel and the Waikiki Rough Water.