LC practices have begun at the UCD Schaal pool and run every T & Th morning and T & Th evening through Aug 9. The morning practice (6:00-7:00AM) replaces the Arroyo sessions for the nine weeks, and the evening practices (6:00-7:00PM and 7:00-8:00PM) replace the Civic sessions. DAM usually gets six lanes in the morning and four lanes in the evening.
Please come early at the 6:00AM  and 6:00PM sessions to help put in lane lines, OR plan on staying afterwards to take them out. Morning parking enforcement begins at 7:20AM , and evening parking, starting this week, is unrestricted after 5:00PM. 

 The Schaal pool is located on the southwest corner of Hutchison and La Rue, adjacent to the new football stadium. 

Typically, the rental group before us in the afternoon swims the 25y width of the pool and ends at 6pm. If we're ready to place the 50m lines in when they're finished, we can usually switch over in less than 10 minutes but it's never exact. The 7:00pm begins exactly one hour after the start of the previous practice. Depending on the size of the group we share the pool with in the morning, we may have 5 lanes, but we're reserved for four. In the evening, we split the pool with the Aquadarts and always have just four lanes.

This summer, deck space at the north end of the pool is severely limited as an Aquatics Staff building is under construction on what used to be the lawn area.   


  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  • June 12-August 9, 2018
  • Schaal Pool