One of the many unique aspects of the DAM program is that our swim practices are held in small pools with large numbers of bodies. This condition occasionally results in crowded lanes with swimmers of slightly differing abilities. As much as most crowding problems can be prevented there are instances, where due to lack of awareness, people get left behind or let out.

Please keep these following points in mind when sharing a lane and swimming with others

  • Be in the water before 5 minutes after to insure a spot in the lane.
  • Introduce yourself to your lane mates during the 10 minute warmup.
  • Know the DIRT on the set (Distance, Interval, Repeats and goal Time) before shoving off.
  • If entering a lane after a set has begun, wait in the right corner (facing the wall) until your presence is known.
  • Know the number of swimmers in your lane and count them while circle swimming.
  • Anticipate when others will catch you and pull over at the wall for faster swimmers.
  • Leave five seconds apart, not on each others feet.
  • '3rd or 4th Person In' means first swimmer leaves when that swimmer touches.
  • 'R:10 or R:15' means everyone in the lane gets at least that amount of rest.
  • '#1 + :15' means the time of the first swimmer determines the interval for the entire lane.
  • When finishing a repeat, touch and move to the left, allowing those behind to touch as well.
  • If stopping during a repeat, stay in the designated right-hand corner, allowing those behind to turn on the left.
  • If swimming a second consecutive practice, please volunteer to exit if the swimmer lane number exceeds five.

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