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Attachment 1: DAM Assistant and Substitute Coaches
Attachment 2: DAM Membership
Attachment 3: DAM Board of Directors
Attachment 4: Recipients of the Lillian Rowan Award
Attachment 5: Berryessa Open Water Swim
Attachment 6: DAM National Championship Results

This history of Davis Aquatic Masters documents some of the experiences and activities of the hundreds of individuals who have been members since the program was organized in 1974. In addition, names of individuals are given of those who have been the prime movers over the years. Attachments at the end of the narrative summarize some information in a more easily read form.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Davis Aquatic Masters (DAM) have remained essentially the same since the program was established in 1974. They are:

• To provide a year-round program devoted to attaining and maintaining physical fitness that is open to all men and women 18 years of age or older;
• To provide a program tailored to all levels of ability from beginners to advanced including a specific session for those over 65;
• To provide daily workouts designed to emphasize cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength including instruction in stroke technique, mechanics and efficiency;
• To encourage those persons interested in competition throughout Northern California by sponsoring events;
• To provide a varied program of social activities.

Coaching and the Inception of the Program

Head coaches of DAM include:

Dave Scott    7.25 years    3/74 to 6/81
Jane Scott    3 months    7/81 to 10/81
Ross Yancher    7 years    10/81 to 12/88
Mike Collins    8.5 years    1/89 to 10/97
Don Veress    3 years    1/98 to 11/00
Rick Powers    7.25 years    5/01 to 8/08
Stuart Kahn    6+ years    8/08 to present
Assistant and substitute coaches are identified in Attachment 1.
The formal organization of DAM was preceded in the summer of 1973 by four adult swimmers requesting some coaching from Jerry Hinsdale, coach of UC Davis swimming and water polo and the City's AAU age-group Davis Aquadarts. Jerry accommodated them by providing access to the training sessions of the Aquadarts.

In March 1974, Jerry asked Dave Scott, a UCD swimmer and waterpolo player, an aquatics instructor for the city of Davis, and an assistant coach of the Davis Aquadarts, if he would be interested in coaching adults. Dave indicated he would, and arrangements were made to use the UC Davis Hickey Pool five days a week at 5:30 p.m.
The first evening workout at the old Emerson (now Civic Center) pool was held on October 7, 1974 at 6 p.m. Dues were $4 per month.


Eleven swimmers turned out in March 1974 to inaugurate the DAM program By October membership was 28, and by November it was 52. BV November 1975 the membership list included 104 swimmers with two new assistant coaches.
During the spring and summer of 1976, growth required expansion to six training sessions each day as paid membership increased from 134 in January to 201 in October 1976, and continued to grow annually to over 400 in 1980. In 1995, 614 swimmers were USMS registered, making DAM the largest single Masters team in the country. By spring 1996 there were nine daily workout sessions plus weekend workouts. See Attachment 2 for membership information and figures. In 2014, DAM membership reached an all-time high of 710.

Organization and Management

The growth of the program in 1974 led to the formation of the first Board of Directors in September. Members of the Board included Dave Danley, President, Doug Matheson, Vice President, Jean Washington, Secretary, Rich Harley, Bob Parsons, Verne Scott, and Dave Scott, Coach.
DAM was incorporated on September 10, 1975 and instituted a set of by-laws and operating policies. The organization is governed by a seven-person Board of Directors who are elected to two-year terms at the annual meeting. Other members fill defined positions, i.e., secretarv, chairpersons, etc., or perform other necessary tasks.
The first annual meeting was held on October 6, 1975 and board members were elected: Doug Matheson, President, Helen Ling, Vice President, Mary Kroeger, Secretary¬Treasurer, Rich Harley, Curt Miller, Verne Scott and Rick West. Dave Scott as Head Coach participated as an ad-hoc member of the Board. A list of board members to date is given in Attachment 3.
During the winter of 1974-75 the group negotiated with the City of Davis to make DAM a co-sponsored organization of the city and to use the Emerson (now Civic Center) Pool for workouts.
Limitation of pool time and space led to the establishment in 1975 of a policy of priority numbers based on seniority, regular payment of dues and re-enrollment each quarter. Priority numbers are used to determine which persons can swim in each workout lane up to a maximum number of swimmers assigned to a lane.
In 1977 a special session was added for senior swimmers - those over 55. Also during the spring of 1977, the Davis City Council voted, effective July 1, 1977, to assume all pool maintenance costs but to terminate direct funding to DAM.
In 1977 Kim Haggard was hired by DAM to do bookkeeping and to keep membership records. Jeanne Morrow replaced Kim in 1978 and continued as treasurer until moving from Davis in 1981. At that time Barbara Paulson was hired and has provided continuity to the changing boards of directors and serves as a contact person for current as well as potential members regarding all aspects of DAM.
The third annual meeting, held on October 30, 1977, was attended by over 200 people. At the meeting, it was reported that membership had increased to over 300 people and that the next annual budget would be over $20, 000. By 1996 the proposed budget of DAM was $136,000.
In 1985 DAM members led by Sue Milburn were instrumental in getting the city to renovate the old Emerson pool (now called Civic Center pool), increasing the size to eight lanes and replacing the old deck and pool lighting.

During Mike Collins' tenure as head coach the following workouts were added:
1) intensive twice-weekly long course workouts at the Woodland pool
mid¬May to mid-August (instituted 1990)
2) Sunday morning technique workouts, including video-taping (1993)
3) weekday early morning intensive workouts at Emerson pool (1994)
4) one hour Saturday morning workout (1996)
5) Fitness Lap Swim Classes co-sponsored by the City of Davis (1994)
In 1992 the Board established the Lillian Rowan Award as a tribute to long-time senior member Lillian Rowan, who passed awav in 1990. The criteria for selection for this senior award are based on Lillian's many qualities which include motivation, dedication and achievement as a DAM swimmer. Recipients of the award are listed in Attachment 4.
In 1994 a $20 swim card option was established for swimmers who are not able to attend workouts on a regular basis. This swim card enables a member to pay on a per workout basis.
At the fall 1995 annual meeting, coach Collins arranged for former Olympic breast stoke specialist Roque Santos to be the guest speaker. Earlier that morning Santos assisted at the technique workout, providing his expertise.
During the spring of 1975, Dorothy Scott began a project of collecting DAM photos, clippings and other items which were included in the first of a series of scrapbooks. By 1980 there were 27 scrap books, and more have been added through the efforts of Mary Horton. Mary, as well as Bill Collins are the club's unofficial photographers, documenting social events as well as swim meets. For the 1996 Berryessa swim, Rand Schaal took aerial photos of the race.
Volunteerism was developed early on as a trademark of Davis Aquatic Masters. Members often pitched in to do such chores as cleaning Emerson pool, painting the women's locker room, maintaining starting blocks, lane lines, and swim equipment. Energetic Bill Holden, Ross Martin, and Jim Board constructed sturdy wood cabinets to house stroke mechanics charts and George Giannini built a much needed storage shed for the swim equipment. A light over the blackboard and rain shelter for the all important bulletin board added even more class to the "do-it-yourself' swim center.
Don Veress, long-time assistant coach, has assumed many of the equipment maintenance duties. During the summer of 1995 he installed an overhead sprinkler/misting system along the front edge of the Civic Pool deck overhang, providing much-needed relief during the summer months to both coaches and swimmers. In the spring of 1996 he organized a volunteer crew to prepare the overhang for completion by city workers.
Hundreds of volunteer hours are provided by members to ensure that the club offers quality Lake Berryessa swims every June. The event director(s) oversee the efforts of a large portion of the membership. The success of their efforts is reflected in the growth of this open water competition. See attachment 5 for a listing of Berryessa directors and participant numbers since the inception of this event.

During the fall of 1974, the DAM newsletter made its debut under the editorship of Mary Kroeger. By October 1975, nineteen issues had been distributed. In June 1990 the DAM monthly newsletter changed its name to The Record Times. A Swimmer of the Month column and award were instituted in February 1990. An Outstanding Performance of the Month Column and award began in January 1990

Newsletter Editors include:
Karen Schlegle (1989)
Jeff Yoshimoto & Kirk Parrott (1990-92)
Deborah Smith (1992)
Cathy West and Jennifer Collins (1993-%)
A web page was begun March 1996. The page was created by coach Mike Collins and the first DAM web master, Scott Charlton. It includes a brief club history, membership information, workout schedules and locations, coaching articles, workouts, meet information, and information on other club activities.

An e-mail subscription list was begun by coach Collins in June 1996 to keep members with on-line service updated with DAM-related news.


The initial splash of a Davis Aquatic Master in AAU competition took place on September 17, 1971 when ageless George Giannini participated in a Masters meet in Livermore, California. Swimming in the 45+ age group, George was cheered on to a 5th place finish in the 1500 meter freestyle by Bob and Diane Cowden and Ken and Janet Kimble.
In December 1973 Jean Washington participated in the Sacramento Pentathlon swim and Jean and Charles Eppleheimer entered a meet in San Mateo. The team's entry into national competition took place in August 1975 when Jean Washington and Doug Matheson participated in the Masters National Long Course Championships at Santa Clara, California. Jean did very well, placing in the top six in two events.
Later that fall, a contingent of 14 DAM members entered a Masters meet sponsored by the Marin Aquatic Club which was a first time experience for most. The friendly atmosphere of this meet, in which people of all levels of ability were encouraged to give it a try, influenced greater numbers to participate in later meets in Petaluma, Sacramento, San Mateo, and Woodland. Following these meets it became a common practice to assemble at a local eating establishment to reflect on the good times had by all.
On the windy day of April 25, 1976, DAM hosted its first sanctioned AAU swim meet at the Davis Community Pool. Meet director Steve Ford did an excellent job in preparing for and carrying out the meet which was followed by a very successful barbeque. Buoyed by the success of its first meet, DAM hosted another sanctioned meet in August. Dorothy Scott designed the first DAM logo for t-shirts which were sold at the meet
Feeling their oats in local competition, 26 members of DAM traveled to Mission Viejo, California in May 1976 to participate in the Masters National Short Course Championships. Over 800 swimmers of various ages and skills gathered from all over the country to meet old swimming buddies, flash their age-group medals, party, and of course, swim. Although some DAM members were initially apprehensive, all agreed they had an excellent time.

Later in September, 32 DAM members braved frigid waters at the Pacific Association Long Course Championships at Fremont Hills to capture a third place team trophy.
Feeling that diversification was a good quality of the DAM program, coach Dave Scott led a contingent of nine DAM swimmers in November 1976, to participate in a triathlon hosted by the Dolphin and South End Rowing Clubs in San Francisco. The swim was one mile in Aquatic cove, a 14 mile bike along the Embarcadero, and a five mile run out to the San Francisco Yacht Club and back. The next year, a contingent of 11 DAM swimmers came home with six turkeys as first place awards.
The big event of 1977 was the first Pacific Association Short Course Masters Swimming Championship hosted by the Davis Aquatic Masters. Over 300 people attended the event held June 3, 4, and 5. It was the largest masters swim meet to date, outside of national competition, and it produced its share of records: Eleven National and 63 PA records were set. It was a feather in the cap of meet director Verne Scott and his legions for organizing and conducting such a well run meet.
DAM continued to host the PMS Championship for four more years. In August, 1977 a group of DAM members competed in the National Long Course Masters Swimming Championships in Spokane, Washington. The trying task of organizing a contingent from Davis fell upon Verne Scott who took pains to see that all were transported, fed and housed. Special gratitude was extended to Ken Haussler who managed to fly several more swimmers to Spokane via a very circuitous air route.
Not all of DAM's swimming activities were confined to a pool. Increasing numbers braved the cold Pacific waters in such events as the Aquatic Park Cove Swim, a mile swim held in July in San Francisco Bay; the Santa Cruz Pier Swim in August; and the Dolphin Club Turkey Triathlon, a bike-run-swim affair held in San Francisco in November (brrrr!). In July 1977 DAM in conjunction with the Davis Bike Club sponsored its own bike-run-swim at Stonegate Lake. A biathlon consisting of a run-bike was organized by DAM in 1978.
In 1979 the first Davis Triathlon was organized by DAM with Verne Scott as the event director. It was held at Stonegate Country Club as a run, bike, swim. The event attracted 240 participants. The next year the sequence was changed to the traditional swim, bike, run and 410 entered. In 1981, participation in the triathlon increased to 640 which was considered a maximum for the race venue. It continued through 1983 with Carol Lane and John Bracchi as co-directors. A "Marshmallow Triathlon" was organized by Ross Yancher and was held in 1984 and 1985. It involved a 500 yard pool swim, and loops around the block for the bike and run.
DAM scored another first in hosting the Berryessa Open Water Swim on June 6, 1982. The event director was Missy Le Strange and over 400 swimmers participated in a highly successful 2 mile race. (Event directors and participant numbers are given in Attachment ).
The Berryessa Open Water Swim continues annually as a traditional event and creates income for the club. In 1992 a one-mile event was added and in 1993 a one-mile youth swim was included. In 1996 a 500 yard youth swim was added for swimmers 10 and under. Since 1994 Mumulay Rajan has volunteered her time and catered a post-race luncheon which has provided an opportunity for participants to socialize as well as being a financial success for the club.
Social and Other Activities

The history of DAM has been marked by many notable social events. Some of the earliest were the Halloween and Christmas parties of 1975. John Striffler graciously sacrificed a turkey for the Christmas bash to go along with the finger food and seasonal beverages.
Mary Horton hosted two very successful parties in 1976. A party on the 4th of July was highlighted with good food and drink. An evening of slides recalled memorable times at the Nationals held at Mission Viejo. A second party held September 25 and attended by 150 people featured "Char", a pig baked overnight to perfection in a charcoal pit under the guidance of our culinary artist, John Striffler.
A major out-of-town-event was the bike/car tour of August 7, 1976. Led by Joe Scalmanini, most of the bicyclists managed to complete the 38-mile trip which began and ended in Occidental, California. Not long after the last cyclist wheeled into town, about 50 Masters invaded the Union Hotel, a famous eating establishment, to gorge themselves with excellent food.
An inner-tube water polo tournament held August 21 among the morning, midday and evening practice sessions provided much excitement, weary muscles, and tired vocal cords for all who came.
In the fall of 1976 a Halloween party held at Tom Miller's house included many Masters dressed as fruits and vegetables, pool equipment, members of shady professions, or dressed in not much at all.
After 1981, social activities increased in number and diversity. July 4th celebrations were held at Mary Horton's house and later at the home of kit Owen. Don Wilson volunteered the use of his home for the July 4th celebrations in 1994 and 1995; Mickie Hyde hosted the group in 1996. A series of Christmas parties were held initially at Gary Goodpaster's home, then at Village Homes and later at Betty Dugan's.

Chocolate and beer tasting, Easter egg hunts for the kids, Cinco de Mayo swim meets and pizza parties, dinner dancing, white water river rafting, ski trips, ice skating, disco and square dancing, early morning breakfast and after-practice supper, end of the summer season parties at Patti Gay's home are social activities that have provided fun experiences for members over the years. Stan Dundon and Chris Cipperly have been called on several years in a row to host the Cinco de Mayo celebrations which often follow an intra-squad swim meet.
DAM Anniversary Celebrations

On August 5, 1984, DAM held its 10th anniversary party in Davis Central Park. Approximately 95 people attended including some kids. On Braly made and decorated a swimming pool theme cake.
Another major milestone in DAM's history was the 20th Anniversary Celebration on September 11, 1994 at Davis Community Park. Over 200 former and current DAM members and 30 kids participated.
Club members who joined in 1974 and who are currently enrolled and attended the reunion included: Gerry Bowes, Jim Frampton, Jane Hinsdale, Curt Miller, Dot and Verne Scott. Another of those who was a member in the '74 class, and who attended the reunion, was Doug Matheson from Salinas, CA.
Former members who traveled the greatest distance to attend were Anna and Dave Scott with their two boys from Boulder, Colorado. Other out-of-towners were: Henrietta Stern (Pacific Grove), Patti and Rick Baier (Sonora), Sharon Bell-Kevworth (Palo Alto), Anne Garson (Santa Rosa), Kelly Ryan-Warner (Moraga), Mary and Joe Scalmanini (Pleasant Hill), Nancy Sorenson (Martinez), and Peter Timm (Dixon).
Regrets were received from: Ronelle Bargones-Swanson (San Diego), Judy Boock (Davis), Diane and Bob Cowden (Joseph, OR), Lisa Housmann (Boston, MA), Missy Le Strange (Visalia), Gail and Jim Maynard (Sacramento), John Reganold (Pullman, WA), Katie Van Dorn-Johnson (Missoula, MT), and Leah Wineberg-Barron (Auburn, NY).
Also attending the reunion were two currently active senior members, Karmel Tate (82) and Steve Carlson (75), along with Dorothy Chichester, who was the first recipient of the Lillian Rowan Award. Active members with the most grandchildren are Janet and Ken Kimble with eight.
The history on the club was given, augmented by over forty scrap books which Dorothy Scott and Mary Horton have maintained. Brief remarks were given by coaches Jerry Hinsdale, Dave Scott and Mike Collins. Dave said he was pleased that the program had made such an impact on so many individuals' lives over the years, even though many had moved from Davis or were not current members.

Tremendous thanks went to Milt Blackman, chair of the celebration and Gary Miller, special events board member for organizing thc6 event, and to Mumulay Rajan for the catered dinner.
Acknowledgements: The history was organized by Verne Scott and produced from early directories, notes, minutes, and recollections of many. Special help was provided by Barbara Paulson, Mary Horton, Curt Miller, and Don Veress. Mike Collins and Gayle BonDurant provided additional information, particularly on club activities from 1989 to the present
August 1996
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February 2009
(Scanned and restored to Word file by Curt Miller)

1986 Lynda Campbell-Yancher Marianne Kelly Tammie Ardans
Don Veress Karen Lang Joyce Zinn
Greg Johnson Kerry Neill
1987 Lynda Campbell-Yancher Kerry Neil Tammie Ardans
Don Veress Jeff Anderson Dave Castro
Greg Johnson Lindabeth Schmucker
Tina Neill
1988 Lynda Campbell-Yancher Kerry Neil Tammie Ardans
Don Veress Lindabeth Schmucker Dave Castro
Tina Neill Heidi Troutner
Stephen Dunlap
1989 Don Veress Anna Scott Tammie Ardans
1990 Don Veress Scott Erba Tina Neill
1991 Don Veress Scott Erba Tina Neil
Derick Scovell Greg Davis Steve Atkins
Mike Neasham Sue Fox Cathy Carr West
1992 Don Veress Scott Erba Derick Scovell
Mike Neasham Greg Matthews Kip Freytag
Sue Fox Katherine Florio Tina Neill
Cathy Carr West
1993 Don Veress Scott Erba Kip Freytag
Greg Matthews Mike Neasham Derick Scovell
Katherine Florio
1994 Don Veress Kip Freytag Mike Neasham
Koren Pollock Heather Kohler Matt Neagley
1995 Don Veress Koren Pollock Samantha Bewley
Jane Samuels Heather Kohler Matt Neagley
Heather Wright Kip Freytag Chrissy Schultz
1996 Don Veress Brad Winsor Samantha Bewley
Jane Samuels Darren Mai Andy McPherson
Heather Kohler Kip Freytag Chrissy Schultz

DAM Membership
March 1974 Richard Baker Nancy Brooks Rick Carr
Dave Danley Charles Eppleheimer Sherm Fong
Clancy Miller Christy Price Ron Stock
Mat Tomoha Jean Washington

October 1974 Richard Baker Jerry Bowes Rick Carr
Carolyn Carver Bob Cowden Vince Crockenberg Larry Cunningham Dave Danley Jane Deamer
Jim Frampton Betty Gall George Gianinni Dorothy Haussler Jane Hinsdale Doug Matheson Clancy Miller Curt Miller Ann Owings
Bob Parsons Christy Price Bob Schroeder
Dot Scott Patti Scott Verne Scott
Larry Troxel Don Walker Jean Washington Fran Zeman

Average yearly enrollment*
1978 412
1979 394
1980 415
1981 387
1982 381
1983 446
1984 511
1985 567
1986 510
1987 479
1988 432
1989 390
1990 385
1991 381
1992 412
1993 405
1994 389
1995 417

1996 444

1997 na
1998 na
1999 409
2000 376
2001 352
2002 366
2003 389
2004 399
2005 437
2006 454
2007 437
2008 448
2009 454
2010 465
2011 463
2012 472
2013 493



*Calculated by taking averages of the beginning and ending enrollments for each quarter of the year. It does not include late members who average approximately 30, but includes those on leave, those who were members a minimum of one week as well as those who regularly pay dues.

DAM Board of Directors 
President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Members
1974-75 Dave Danley Doug Matheson Jean Washington Bob Parsons
Verne Scott
1975-76 Doug Matheson Helen Ling Mary Kroeger Mary Kroeger Rich Harley
Carol Lane Curt Miller
Verne Scott
Rick West
1976-77 Curt Miller Helen Ling Carol Lane Kim Haggard Doug Matheson
Mary Kroeger
Verne Scott
Rick West
1977-78 Curt Miller Bob Cowden Gayle BonDurant Kim Haggard Carol Lane
. Mary Roberts
Joe Scalmanini
Bob Schroeder
Verne Scott
1978-79 Joe Scalmanini Jane Irvine Laurie Wright Jeanne Morrow John Burger

1979-80 Mary Ann Pohl Jane Irvine Laurie Wright Jeanne Morrow Andy Gabor
Mary Horton
Dave Kelley
John Burger
Mollie Pro
Steve Wallace

1980-81 Eric Gustafson Liz Toftner Laurie Wright Jeanne Morrow Andy Gabor
Kathy Gill
Mary Horton
Dave Kelley
Sue Milburn
Steve Wallace

1981-82 Laurie Wright Mike Rushton Candace Cross-Drew Barb Paulson Ann Garson
Kathy Gill
Chuck Lieberman
Mike McKinlay
Sue Milburn

1982-83 Sue Milburn Mike Rushton Candace Cross-Drew Barb Paulson John Bracchi
Judy Clark
Ann Garson
Missy LeStrange
Mike McKinlay

Recipients of the Lillian Rowan Award

1992 Dorothy Chichester
1993 Verne Scott
1994 Lucille Barry
1995 Karmel Tate

DAM National Championship Results
Short Course: Boca Raton, FL
1 swimmer, 0 national titles Long Course: Grand Forks, ND 2 swimmers, 2 national titles

Short Course: Los Angeles, CA 6 swimmers, 4 national titles Long Course: Woodlands, TX No participants

Short Course: Nashville, TN
3 swimmers, 2 national titles Long Course: Elizabethtown, KY 2 swimmers, 1 national title

Short Course: Chapel Hill, NC 2 swimmers, 6 national titles Long Course: Federal Way, WA 15 swimmers, 5 national titles

Short Course: Santa Clara, CA
40 swimmers, 5th men's small, 4th women' large, 6th combined small Long Course: Minneapolis, MN
8 swimmers, 16 national titles

Short Course: Tempe, AZ
19 Swimmers, 6 national titles, men 16th small team, women 21st,
16th combined small
Long Course: Buffalo, NY 1 swimmer, 2 national titles

Short Course: Ft Lauderdale
11 swimmers. 8 nationals tides. 5th men small, 6th women small, 6th combined.
Long Course Championships: Gresham, OR
16 swimmers. 16 national titles. 2nd men small team, 8th women medium, 3rd combined medium

Short Course: Cupertino, CA
42 swimmers, 16 national titles, 5th men's medium, 8th women's medium, 3rd combined medium
Long Course: Ann Arbor, MI 4 swimmers,


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