Weekly Team Email: Monday April 17, 2017

BIG DoG is coming in 16 days!

The Big Day of Giving (BIG DoG) is an online fundraising event for non-profit organizations. Last year, on May 4, we raised almost $19,000!

This year, we have set our sights higher; our goal is to raise $20,000 in 24 hours. Participating in the Big Day of Giving can increase your donation because DAM receives prorated funds, and is eligible for additional incentive funds, from local and regional sponsors.  The money we raise this year will be used to

  • Keep DAM dues one of the best values in USMS in the country
  • Keep DAM dues affordable for students and seniors
  • Purchase swim gear and equipment
  • Cover expenses for hosting the Lake Berryessa and End of Summer Splash events

As we have done for the last two years, we plan to make the Big Day of Giving festive. At Civic Center we will have coffee and baked goods in the morning. Later in the day we will have a BBQ with hot dogs, chips, salsa, and drinks. We will also have a laptop computer available during all workouts for those who wish to donate onsite (bring a credit card).

Davis Aquatic Masters is not only the largest single city masters swim club in the country, it's the best! Help keep DAM at the top of its game by donating to the team during the Big Day of Giving on May 4th.

We will send more information soon on the process for donating online to DAM during the Big Day of Giving. The information will also be available on DAM’s Facebook page.

DAM on Facebook and Twitter

If you aren't already, please go to the Davis Aquatic Masters Facebook and Twitter pages and click the "Follow" buttons so that you will get news and updates. If you do a search in Facebook for "Davis Aquatic Masters," you will see two DAM "groups" and one DAM "page."  Click on the DAM page and then click on the "Follow" button. We will be using our Facebook page more now than we have in the past to keep our members informed of events, news, and other items of interest. Thanks.