Swimmer Spotlight

Welcome back to Swimmer Spotlight, an occasional series highlighting the achievements and contributions of fellow DAM swimmers.  This time we spotlight Jenny Mohn. This Spring, Jenny became the national champion in the 25-29 women 1650.  She finished the race at the USMS National Championship meet in Riverside with a time of 19:20.22, beating her previous best time of 20:33.19.  Jenny is also on the DAM Board of Directors.

Jenny grew up doing gymnastics and swimming in Eden Prairie Minnesota.  But when she went to college at St. Olaf’s, she found that the swim team was far too big for her to feel like she was making a significant contribution. Then she found out about the diving team, which was much smaller.  

Jenny thought that some of her gymnastic skills might carry over, so she gave it a try. During her first week of diving, as she was learning a new skill, she did several flops on the water, resulting in an alarming black and blue discoloration on her legs that lasted for weeks.  So alarming in fact, that when her parents saw it, they urged her to stop diving.  But Jenny persisted, diving all 4 years at St. Olaf’s, primarily on the 1 meter and 3 meter springboards.  In her final year, she qualified for the conference championships!

While in college, Jenny was also in the school band, in which she played bass and contralto clarinet.

Jenny moved to Davis in the fall of 2014 to join the department of neuroscience at UC Davis.  When she moved here from Minnesota, she and her mom took a week to drive out and visit several national parks along the way. At UC Davis, she is working on her Ph.D. where fellow DAM swimmer Gregg Recanzone is on her dissertation committee.

When asked what she likes most about DAM, she instantly replies that it's the great coaching and the great people. She appreciates the personal touch that Stu and Mary give to the club. They seem to know everyone personally.  Jenny also appreciates their attention to detail when helping her on her technique. Finally, she loves coming to swim with her lane mates, and points out that it’s a great change of pace and stress reliever from work. 

  • Favorite foods: Indian cuisine, ice cream
  • Vacation/travel: national park tour with her mom on the way out to California
  • Best friend: Rosy (and obviously she’s Rosy’s best friend!)