Swimmer Spotlight

In the last Swimmer Spotlight we highlighted Pat Long's contribution to the Berryessa event. This time we highlight an important contribution to the Summer Splash meet. To run any of our events, many volunteers are needed. One of the critical jobs in running the End of Summer Splash meet is timing. If there aren’t enough timers, we cannot hold the meet. This year, two volunteers went above and beyond this role:  Jamie Anderson and Jan Ilkiw

Throughout the meet, Jamie and Jan could be found timing lane 3. They did more than just a pre-assigned shift, they timed the whole meet!  They didn’t complain about not being relieved. In fact, Jamie commented that "...we love getting out there and cheering people on, and watching some great swimming."  They made sure that the lane was covered the whole day! This generous contribution is one of the reasons for the success of the meet.  Thank you for your efforts, Jan and Jamie!

Jan and Jamie are longtime DAM members (since the mid-80’s) and regular participants in daily workouts and DAM social events.  Of the many contributions they have made to the team, one stands out.  In 2014, the team was looking for a location to hold the 40th anniversary party.  Coach Stu recalls that within hours of sending the initial request out to the team, Jamie and Jan generously offered their place; a beautiful 13 acre home, pool, garden, art studio, and animals (goats, dog, cats and chickens).

Jan Ilkiw is from Australia. She started swimming in high school and taught young kids to swim over the Summer whilst a university student. She began her career in veterinary medicine in 1972, completed a Diploma in Veterinary Anesthesia  and PhD at the University of Sydney and was on faculty there before joining the UCD faculty in 1987.

Jamie Anderson is a native Californian. She started swimming in high school. She came to UCD in 1973 and has lived in Davis off and on since that time. She became a veterinarian in 1989, and specializes in Internal Medicine and Dentistry and Oral Surgery. Her passions are art and vegetable gardening.