Swimmer Spotlight

This is a new feature, highlighting DAM swimmers who have made significant contributions to the club or community in general, or had an outstanding performance in a swimming event.  

Scott and Dixie Our first swimmer in the spotlight is Scott Allison (6am). Scott joined DAM three years ago, and in those three years he has already served DAM in several different functions. In his second year on the team, he took over as webmaster, a job he continues currently. This past year, Scott joined the Board of Directors as well and is working to help out the team in a variety of ways in that position.

Scott found DAM as a means of aiding his long term recovery following the removal of a brain tumor. He went from using a walker to take laps around his hospital floor to being able to make it through the entirety of the workouts Stu and Mary make for us. Swimming has greatly aided his recovery, and Scott also speaks to the DAM community and coaching as being irreplaceable in his recuperation process.

In addition to being an active DAM member, Scott is in training for a marathon this spring with a group of his friends. Scott says he enjoys training for these long running races, but that he thinks he’ll be sticking to the pool for a while after his race this spring. 

Finally, Scott wanted to share his thoughts of how special DAM is to him. After having joined DAM, Scott was trying to get his brother in Southern California to join a masters team down there, but was surprised to find few practice options offered when compared to DAM’s 9 practices a day. Scott is very thankful for DAM and wanted to pass that on to all of you. We’re thankful for you as well, Scott!