Message from the President 
October 16, 2017


As you probably know, our pool fees have been increased by the city as of Sept 1, 2017, and will be increased again next year, come Sept 1, 2018. After that, it is unknown if and when fees will be increased again.

We have not had a dues increase in over 7 years, due in large part to our ability to raise funds from the immense generosity of our members (BigDog and unsolicited donations), and to programs/events such as Brute Squad, Summer Splash and Berryessa.  We have also saved significantly in event costs and club maintenance due to the efforts of Stu, our fearless leader.

On January 1, 2018, our membership fees will increase by $4.00 per month. Therefore, pool fees for many members will increase from $40 to $44. Added to the existing $7 membership dues, this will be $51 total per month. The increase applies across the board; 65-79 will be $46 total. For members who are 80 years old and over, all charges will still be waived.

You can ask anyone, I mean anyone associated with Masters Swimming, and they will tell you we have the best, I mean the best, Masters program anywhere. I personally have been a member of other programs and our family has visited other Masters programs. No one is close. Our coaching is way beyond what is offered elsewhere, and we have so many practice options, you have no excuse not to get in the water. What a deal.