Swimmer Spotlight: Stu Kahn, Longest Tenured Coach in DAM History

This installation of Swimmer Spotlight is a little different than the rest. Everybody already knows so much about Stu.  We will just share a reflection on the awards banquet and make the slideshows available. 

Everyone in attendance at the awards banquet last Saturday night witnessed a very special event.  In honor of Stu now being the longest-tenured coach in DAM history, Coach Ernie Maglischo made a surprise appearance. Stu was truly surprised (shocked!), humbled and grateful.  

Coach Ernie Maglischo has had a long and distinguished career in swimming at the college level. He was Stu’s coach at CSU Chico and has had a lasting influence on him.  Stu has always viewed Ernie as his mentor.  But Coach Maglischo has also had a significant impact on each of us, because everything that he has coached, taught and written, Stu shares with us on a daily basis. Not just specifics, like pointing out the invalidity of the s-curve stroke, but the reliance on scientific data that support this.  Ernie Maglischo taught Stu not to get stuck in dogma, but to listen to the latest research and change with it.

When we reached out to Ernie, we simply asked him if he could offer us a comment or a story that would illuminate something special about Stu. Ernie’s response was “say no more, I’d be happy to write something for Stu...In fact, I can be there…”

Ernie talked about some of Stu’s more humorous exploits as one of Ernie’s swimmers at CSU Chico.  But he also made it clear that he is in awe of what Stu has become as a coach: influential, intelligent, hard working, motivating, much loved and revered.  Over and over, throughout the night, one could hear people tell about how lucky we are to have DAM as a community of great people, and have Stu and Mary as the coaches who lead us and inspire us on a daily basis.

Thank you Stu!