Berryessa and Summer Splash Sponsorship Drive 2018

~~~ "April Pool's Day"~~~ 

A big THANK YOU goes out to event organizers and volunteers Scott AllisonPat QuinnRose CholewinskiGreg StonerKathy GillJenny Mohn and the indefatigable Sharon Blaha. And thank you to everyone who gave a little extra on this inaugural DAM event.  Money raised for Berryessa and Summer Splash sponsorships will offset advance expenses at those two events. The remaining money goes into the general fund and helps keep our dues low, maintain the senior swimmer discounts and waivers, and covers expenses for equipment, pool rentals and supplies.

On Monday, April 30, we held a day of sponsorships for the upcoming Berryessa and Summer Splash LC meet. Once again we made this event festive, with bagels, coffee and Leslie Westergaard's delicious sweet bread in the morning and chips, margaritas and Mary's delicious guacamole for happy hour!


It just takes a couple of minutes: click here and take the easy-to-follow instructions to donate via our safe, secure PayPal account.