Berryessa Volunteer Recruitment

The Berryessa Swim is a huge team effort, involving 80-100 DAM members, most of whom work two hour shifts from either 7-9am, 9-11am or 11am-1pm in one of a dozen important areas. Signups for the general volunteer positions are posted on the windows at Civic pool. Remember, if you're planning to race and volunteer, don't purchase a t-shirt in your online registration. You'll be receiving a free event t-shirt for your volunteer efforts. 

In addition to the general volunteer jobs, we still need a few more Area Coordinators. A number of very gracious DAM members have already volunteered for many of these jobs so we're asking the rest of you to please consider helping out by becoming an Area Coordinator (AC). ACs are in charge of organizing certain tasks integral to the success of the swim, and delegate volunteers to help with the completion of the tasks. AC's are rewarded with an event t-shirt, an official Berryessa mug, a voucher for a free food truck lunch, and a post-race thank you party. 

We are currently seeking two more AC's to fill the following positions:

PARKING-Employ best strategy to fill volunteer/officials lot and train other volunteers on race day. 
REFRESHMENTS-Purchase free refreshments for swimmers, pickup donated water from H2O To Go, chop bagels and fruit, train other volunteers
If you are able to fill one of these positions, please email Stu Kahn, Race Director,