It's Pool Cover Time

Yes, friends, the nights have cooled off enough for the City to require pool covers again at Civic and Arroyo. The coaches will open the gates at Civic at 5:45am and at Arroyo at 5:40am each day. If you're a 6:00am swimmer, please arrive a few minutes early to help remove the covers. It's most efficient with four bodies helping the process; two to turn the cranks and two to keep the covers straight. With enough help, no one should have to remove more than one cover.

At Civic, we need to remind the swimmers in the last evening practice to stay and help cover the pool. Typically, only 3-4 helpers are needed as one swimmer pulls the cover down the sides of the pool, while the other two move the roller and/or slide the cover into place. 

At Arroyo, we'll need extra help to get the covers off and the lane lines in. A crew of eight people at 5:40am would be ideal. And as the day time temps get cooler, the covers have to go back on at Arroyo as well. If you're not a cover remover, please stay a few minutes and help be a cover placer-back-oner.