12th Annual Ross Yancher ePostal Brute Squad
2nd Annual Brute Squad Lite

October 1- November 30, 2020
The 2020 BS and BSL have ended. Thank you to everyone who participated this year. Any questions about shirts or sweatshirts, contact Lynda Yancher at yancher@aol.com.

2020 Final Results

Front                                                                  Back and sleeve

The Top 10 Reasons to Swim the Brute Squad and Brute Squad Lite This Year...

10. Be strong during the COVID times
9. Do it as a workout
8. Do it your way!
7. BSL is an option to be a Brute again this year!
6. Calmer waters = easier swim due to COVID distancing
5. Order a cool sweatshirt (COVID style)
4. Support your DAM team
3. Go to this year's Big Brute event
2. No lap counters or timers required (this year only)

And the #1 reason to swim the Brute Squad and Brute Squad Lite this year...
1. no need to wear a mask!

Past Results

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2017 Results (prelim)
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Top 10 Times