2019 Grand Prix

October 22 update:
This year the cut-off date for competitions is Sunday, November 10. Orders for the GP awards will be placed on Monday, Nov 11. If you're competing in the Brute Squad, Brute Squad Lite, 3000 or 6000 postal championships and want your points to count towards this year, please get your entry confirmation to Leslie Westergaard at lesliewestergaard@gmail.com  before the 10/11 deadline. Entries submitted after that date will be credited to the 2020 Grand Prix

An easy-to-read version of the updated and current points through October 13 will be posted later this week at Civic.

September update: 
The first point totals for the Grand Prix event have been tabulated. Here is the link to the September update.  Only swimmers with 3 or more current points have been recognized. Please take a look at your totals and let Leslie Westergaard (lwestergaard@comcast.net) know of any corrections and additions to the list. The list is also posted on the window at Civic pool.

GENERAL INFORMATION: What is the DAM Grand Prix?

The Grand Prix awards DAM swimmers for participating in swim meets and/or open water events, and for volunteering at DAM-hosted events. Each day of an event in which you participate earns you one point, except

  • the One Hour Swim (2 pts)
  • all USMS National Championships (2 pts)
  • DAM hosted events (2 pts)
  • March and September 30/30 (5 pts)

The program goal is simple... participation. But there are a series of awards to be earned depending on your level of participation. They are: 

7 to 12 points - Grand Prix Bronze: swim cap

13 to 19 points - Grand Prix Silver: water bottle and swim cap

20 to 27 points - Grand Prix Gold: t-shirt, coffee mug and swim cap

28 points and above - Grand Prix Champion: custom sweatshirt, t-shirt, coffee mug and swim cap

More details...

All USMS sanctioned and recognized events count for points. A large, multi-day Championship earns one point per day and any small, one-day meet counts as one point. Non-USMS sanctioned or recognized events count as long as the event is run by an organization or is otherwise a planned activity, such as a Channel swim, or an organized swim for a cause, such as Swim Across America events. 

This event is strictly an in-house, DAM member-only affair. And, as such, we (the coaches) make our own rules, which may or may not be consistent with USMS rules. All recognized/sanctioned events (postal, pool or open water) that publish online results are eligible for points consideration. DAM members who participate in events not listed below must provide Leslie Westergaard, our DAM GP Points Tabulator (lwestergaard@comcast.net) with links to their online results. 

  • Full details (from inaugural event in 2016) can be found here.
Past Final Results (Only swimmers with 3 or more current points were recognized) Reigning Grand Prix Champ for all 3 years of it's running: Jennifer Phalen