2020 Grand Prix and 30/30

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal DAM Grand Prix has been canceled. During the shutdown, we had a different version of the Grand Prix which is described below. We hope that the normal Grand Prix will resume next year!

This event is a little different than previous years as we're replaced the canceled 30/30 from March and offering everyone new opportunities to earn more Grand Prix points. The contest takes place for 30 days - May 14 through June 14. Swimmers sign below and earn points for activities such as exercising regularly, connecting with each other via phone or Zoom, putting together funny videos, doing yoga, volunteering at approved events, and more.  

We want people to not only get out and be active but also share their activities, get their friends and family involved, and connect with other teammates as well. All activities will be assigned a score, and competitors can repeat or vary their choices through the month. 
Why is this special Grand Prix called the 30/30? 

The original 30/30, which takes place every March and September, originated in the pool and is called the 30/30 because participants earned a whopping 5 points for swimming 30 consecutive days for a minimum of 30 minutes in a 60 minute DAM practice.

There were no extra points for: 
1) swimming more than 60 minutes or
2) swimming twice in the same day.

Same rules apply in this special Grand Prix-30/30. To earn extra points each day you must do different activities.

Here is the point system -

Eligible Activities

  • 30-44 minutes (walk/run/bike/dryland/yoga/open water): 10 points
  • 45-59 minutes (walk/run/bike/dryland/yoga/open water): 15 points  
  • 60+ minutes (walk/run/bike/dryland/yoga/open water): 20 points
  • Make a fun swim-related video and post to the DAM Facebook page: 10 points
  • Call (not text, email, or message) to see how a teammate is doing: 5 points
  • Be on a ZOOM call with at least 2 other DAM members: 10 points
  • Volunteer at an approved (contact Stu or Mary) community event: 15 points
Each of the exercise options (walk/run/bike/dryland/yoga/open water) earn separate points but cannot be repeated within a single day.

Examples -  walking for 50 minutes earns 15 points. Any additional exercise points for that same day must come from a different exercise option.
Walking for 1 hour or 3 hours both earn 20 points (no bonus points for exercising more than 60 minutes).

  • Complete six different out of the above seven options: 20 points
  • Exercise daily for 30 days: 30 points
Sign up and enter your points here on the DAM Grand Prix 2020 Spreadsheet

GrandPrix Champions
Past Grand Prix Champions

Before (and after) COVID, the DAM Grand Prix was (and will be) organized by the following guidelines

GENERAL INFORMATION: What is the DAM Grand Prix?

The Grand Prix awards DAM swimmers for participating in swim meets and/or open water events, and for volunteering at DAM-hosted events. Each day of an event in which you participate earns you one point, except

  • the One Hour Swim (2 pts)
  • all USMS National Championships (2 pts)
  • DAM hosted events (2 pts)
  • March and September 30/30 (5 pts)

The program goal is simple... participation. But there are a series of awards to be earned depending on your level of participation. They are: 

7 to 12 points - Grand Prix Bronze: swim cap

13 to 19 points - Grand Prix Silver: water bottle and swim cap

20 to 27 points - Grand Prix Gold: t-shirt, coffee mug and swim cap

28 points and above - Grand Prix Champion: custom sweatshirt, t-shirt, coffee mug and swim cap

More details...

All USMS sanctioned and recognized events count for points. A large, multi-day Championship earns one point per day and any small, one-day meet counts as one point. Non-USMS sanctioned or recognized events count as long as the event is run by an organization or is otherwise a planned activity, such as a Channel swim, or an organized swim for a cause, such as Swim Across America events. 

This event is strictly an in-house, DAM member-only affair. And, as such, we (the coaches) make our own rules, which may or may not be consistent with USMS rules. All recognized/sanctioned events (postal, pool or open water) that publish online results are eligible for points consideration. DAM members who participate in events not listed below must provide Leslie Westergaard, our DAM GP Points Tabulator (lwestergaard@comcast.net) with links to their online results. 

  • Full details (from inaugural event in 2016) can be found here.
Past Final Results (Only swimmers with 3 or more current points were recognized) Reigning Grand Prix Champ for every year of it's running: Jennifer Phalen