The Monday Message - Feb 7, 2022


New MM format...

...but the same hard-hitting DAM journalism you've come to expect! 

   Today's Monday Message email represents the last step in a months-long transition we've been making in DAM's communications and data nerve center. We've consolidated the systems we use to maintain our member and contact database, website, and send emails (like this one). The changes are meant to improve our operations and communications, but with any change like this, there will be errors, mistakes, omissions, the list goes on. We appreciate your patience and invite your feedback!

One Hour Swim - DAM WINS!

DAM wins the 2022 National Championship – Twice!

   With an incredible last-day surge from 28 DAM swimmers and a few volunteers, our club leapt past New England (132 to 121) to win this year’s $1000 prize contest. In addition, the combined yardage from all our competitors saw DAM finish first in the Extra Large (and overall) Club Champions with a total of 436,040 yards. NEM was second with 376,235.

   Preliminary results are posted tomorrow on the USMS page for one week before final tallies appear. As DAM is the host club for this event, we have backstage access to the results and standings.

  • Forty-one of the DAM swimmers finished in the 2022 Top 10 USMS swims (22 women + 19 men) and another 68 made their way into the All-Time DAM Top 20 (37 women + 31 men). 
  • DAM's age-group National Champions (USMS All-Americas) were 
    • Helene Nehrebecki (40-44): 4500 yards
    • Amy Rieger (60-64): 4,575 yards
  • DAM club records were set by 
    • Amy Rieger (60-64): 4,575 yards
    • John Dickey, (65-69): 4,300 yards
    • Andy McPherson, (75-79): 3,965) yards 
    • Jack Horton, (85-89) 2,200 yards
    • Murray Gardner, (90-94): 800 yards 
   Congratulations and thank you to all DAM competitors and volunteers!

   The last step is to cannonball right into the relay portion of the event and make some more huge waves. We will try to get as many DAM swimmers recognized as possible by entering as many relays as possible. Look for those results after Feb. 15.

   One week remains to donate checks to the Yolo Food Bank. Please make payable to Yolo Food Bank place them in the DAM Drop Box inside the Brady Bldg.

Please Update Emergency Contact Info!

   If you haven't done it already, please take a minute and update your emergency contact information. 

   First, you need to create a password to access your profile information:

   Next, log in and check the information DAM has in your profile. Update if necessary. 

Update my DAM profile

...and about that Civic Pool heater...

   We're a little tired of talking about it, but we have to keep up the reminders. We all know that as long as we keep posting these reminders, that heater will just keep on working. Let's just count it as a victory, and let's all take this as our battle cry for this week: DON'T FAIL AS EXPECTED! Oh, and here's the details on what happens if the heater does fail (yeah, right).

   Good luck, everyone!

Brute Squad Results are FINAL

Check them out! Congratulations to all finishers!


DAM birthdays this week:

Sun, Feb 6 Karen Bond
Sun, Feb 6 Erin Heiser
Mon, Feb 7 Jayme Myers
Wed, Feb 9 Roger Goldman
Wed, Feb 9 Michael Negoescu
Thu, Feb 10 Mary Horton
Thu, Feb 10 Laura Mathew
Thu, Feb 10 Kate Sheridan
Thu, Feb 10 Paul Teller
Fri, Feb 11 Al Wright
Sat, Feb 12 Grace Algeo

Overheard at the pool...

Have you heard something funny at the pool? Submit overheard comments, complaints, grumblings, or something that made you laugh or smile at the pool. We'll include them in the MM!



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