The Monday Message - Feb 14, 2022


Performance of the Month

   The performance of the month is being revived and there is no better person to receive it than Murray Gardner.

   Murray personifies and embodies the spirit of DAM and Masters Swimming. He cares greatly for DAM and his teammates, and he brightens the day of all those around him. 

   During DAM's last-day push to take the national OHS title, Murray didn't bat an eye when asked to do an Hour Swim instead of his regular practice.

   Murray wasn't asked to set a DAM team record, but he went ahead and did that, too. Congratulations, Murray!

DAM Policy Changes

The DAM Board voted to institute the following changes, effective Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022:

10:00am Practice

Senior lanes 1-3, regular lanes 5-8

Lane Etiquette

  1. When arriving for practice after the 10 minute warmup and announcements are complete ask the coach to place you into an appropriate lane before entering the pool. 
  2. If the swim set has begun, enter the lane and wait in the right corner (facing the wall) until your presence is known by the other swimmers. 
  3. If you wish to swim longer than the 60 minute session, inform the coach on deck before continuing.
  4. Please volunteer to exit the pool if the swimmer lane number exceeds five. 


President's Day Holiday Schedule

DAM's workout schedule for President's Day (Monday, Feb 21, 2022) is as follows:

  • Civic practices at 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10AM. 
  • No 6:15PM practice
  • No Arroyo 6AM practice

One Hour Swim - Call for Timer Tally

   A BIG shout out to all the timers who supported the club and their teammates by counting yards during the One Hour Swim last month.

   Grand Prix points (one per hour) are awarded for each hour counted, up to a maximum of six total points.

   Contact Leslie Westergaard at with your total hours tally.

Brute Squad Celebration

Save the date: Sunday, March 13, 2022

Details to follow!

Lost and Found

A diamond earring was found at Civic Pool last week, in or near lane 6. Contact Lynda Yancher if you are missing an earring!

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, March 8, at 6:30PM, in the Brady Building. This, and future, board meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings.


DAM Birthdays 

Mon, Feb 14Lance Halsted
Mon, Feb 14Marc Ishisaka-Nolfi
Mon, Feb 14Dianne Miller
Mon, Feb 14Leslie Westergaard
Tue, Feb 15Dick Bourne
Tue, Feb 15Brooke Robb
Wed, Feb 16Candace Holgerson
Thu, Feb 17Kathy Gill
Thu, Feb 17Lucia Sorensen
Fri, Feb 18Aly Lodigiani
Sun, Feb 20Paul Griffin
Sun, Feb 20Martha Quenon

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