The Monday Message - March 7, 2022


USMS 1-HR Swim results are official. WE WON!!!

   Not only was DAM the overall Club Champion, but based on total yards (not number of swimmers) we also took first in both the Women's and Men's categories finishing ahead of New England in all three divisions. 

Combined yards and number of swimmers:

     1         DAM      436,040   130

     2         NEM      386,005   108

Women's totals:

    1          DAM      244,940     74

    2          NEM      244,570     71

(The above 370 yd difference is less than 10% of one swimmer. Every single DAM woman was incredibly essential to this victory.

Men's totals:

    1          DAM     191,100      56

    2          NEM     141,435      37

2022 GRAND PRIX - 30/30 Month

   March is the first of the two '30/30' months in our Grand Prix series (September is the other). All swimmers participating in the 30/30 who want to earn their five Grand Prix points should contact Leslie Westergaard at

View current standings on the DAM website:

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, March 8, at 6:30PM, in the Brady Building. This, and future, board meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings.


DAM Birthdays 

Victoria BurruelSunday, March 6
Mandy CulpepperMonday, March 7
Matt KowtaTuesday, March 8
Collette LashTuesday, March 8
Lynda YancherWednesday, March 9
Cameron JonesWednesday, March 9
Julie LangstonFriday, March 11

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