The Monday Message - March 14, 2022


Upcoming Swim Events

Apr 1-3Pacific Masters SCY ChampionshipsMorgan Hill, CAregistration
Mar 28-Apr 1USMS SCY National ChampionshipsSan Antonio, TXregistration
Sat., June 438th Annual DAM Open Water SwimsLake Berryessa, CAregistration

Aging and Your Safety

   It is no secret that the average age of our members is going up. All you have to do is look around the deck at any workout after 7:00 AM.  Our senior members are the backbone of our club, and without them we would not have the history and enthusiasm that they carry with them.

   This is good news, but it carries with it a bit of caution. In the past couple weeks, we have had a few incidents where swimmers experienced some type of health issue that required intervention by the coach and second guard. Fortunately, nothing too serious resulted from these incidents. However, it serves as a reminder that because we have a large (and growing) population of aging members, all of whom want to swim (obviously), we should all be aware that one of our teammates may experience health issues, and possibly emergencies, during our workouts.

   There are two ways that this can be handled and hopefully mitigated.

  • If you notice someone swimming with or near you that seems to be experiencing some difficulty, speak up. Sure, it may just be a leg cramp, but it could also be something more serious. Ask them if they are okay, and make sure they really are. If you are not confident that they are okay, please immediately bring it to the attention of the coach.
  • If you have been experiencing any type of health issue that could possibly impair your ability to swim, please check with your doctor and get his/her okay before returning to the pool.  As swimmers, we tend to be very committed to our workouts and will do anything to stay in the water. We know how to work through pain, it is something we do every day. But if you are having symptoms or have recently been diagnosed with a health issue that has not been completely resolved, please do not come to a swim workout. Out of respect to other swimmers, to the coaches and guards, it is your responsibility to be healthy and not present a difficult situation to others.

   We appreciate your understanding regarding our concern for your safety. If you have questions, please contact any of the board members, or talk to your coach.

Brutes Celebrate

   DAM Brutes gathered at Stonegate Sunday March 13th to celebrate the 2021 Brute Event. Brutes who missed the celebration event can contact Lynda Yancher for certificates and awards. 

   A special message from our SUPER-Co-Race-Directors: Hope all DAM members enjoy swimming IM workout days and preparing for the 2022 Brute Squad in November!

   Here are the final results.

   And one more THANK YOU to Sharon Blaha and Lynda Yancher for making this year's Brute Squad the biggest ever! 

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, April 12, at 6:30PM, in the Brady Building. This, and future, board meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings.


DAM Birthdays 

Deborah Thompson3/14
Nathan Goedde3/14
Gena Harper3/15
Karen Olson3/16
Tyra McDonald3/16
Melissa Collier3/16
Kurt Austin3/16
Hannah Hensel3/16
Barbara Miltner3/18
Laurie Simmons3/20
Kimberly Gibson3/20

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