The Monday Message - June 6, 2022


2022 Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim Wrap Up

   Thanks to our wonderful DAM volunteers, last Saturday's 38th Lake Berryessa Open Water Swim was a resounding success. With 493 entrants, the lake was full of enthusiastic swimmers from all over Northern California and beyond.  Throughout the day, participants thanked DAM for bringing back this classic open water race. 

Great job today! What a fine crew of professionals you have!
— Marcia Benjamin, MEMO Head Coach

   Special thanks go to the following Volunteers (in no particular order): Kathy Gill,  Greg Stoner, Pat Long, Joe Oribello, Melanie Gentles, Stu Kahn, Andy McPherson, Kate Stephensen, Bruce and On Braly, Joan, Alan, and Vivian Crow, Alex May, Tom and Mike Brown, Karen Olson, Sharon Blaha, Kathleen Morris, David Cross, Jeff and Erin Heiser, Kevin Waterson, Joe Grafton, Ed Maeda, Mark Woerner,  and John Dickey. Countless others carried (literally) the event on their shoulders. It truly does take a village to run this race, and we have a great one. A volunteer thank-you party will be planned in the coming days. Stay-tuned!  

   If you volunteered but did not receive your T-shirt, we will distribute them in the coming week.

   DAM swimmers excelled in the water as well. Fifty one DAM swimmers participated.  DAM members who were top 3 age group finishers:

2 Mile (non-wetsuit)

  • Vivian Crowe - 1st
  • Kim Elsbach - 1st
  • Amy Rieger - 1st
  • Carter Portwood - 2nd
  • Matt Zachan - 1st
  • Brad Winsor - 1st

1 Mile (non-wetsuit)

  • Alyse Lodigiani - 3rd
  • Amy Rieger - 1st
  • Sally Guthrie - 2nd
  • Griffin Long - 2nd
  • Brad Winsor - 1st

1 Mile (wetsuit)

  • Jan Elsbach - 3rd

Preliminary Results

   Preliminary results can be found at this link. If you find a discrepancy or error, email Race Director Kim Elsbach by Friday, June 10!

President's Message

Head Coach Search Update

   The candidates for our Head Coach position, Luke Johnson and Matt Zachan, were both eminently qualified, and that has made the final decision even more challenging.

   The Search Committee reviewed the candidates, their interviews and written submissions, the reports from our on-deck observers, and comments from members, and they brought a recommendation - which candidate to offer the position to - to the Board. The DAM Board of Directors has met, reviewed and agreed with the recommendation from the Search Committee and begun discussions with the approved candidate. Employment Agreement negotiations are in process and as soon as they are finalized, the name of our new Head Coach will be immediately announced.

   A heartfelt sense of gratitude goes out to everyone on DAM for your patience, support and efforts these past 11 months as we sought to identify the best, next leader for our club.

   A very special Thank You to the members of our Search Committee for their diligence in the fulfillment of their awesome responsibility. They are co-chairs Rose Cholewinski and Diane Barrett; Liz Applegate, Mary Kahn, David DeYoung, Joan Crow and Tony Christo.


President’s Review – Berryessa

   For the first time ever, I participated in the annual Berryessa swim as a regular volunteer and couldn’t have been more impressed or proud of our DAM club. From my limited time and perspective, it appeared the entire event was administered efficiently and safely and was well-received by all the participants. There are no other better outcomes for which we could have hoped.

   After a three-year hosting absence, a resounding congratulations goes out to Race Director, Kim Elsbach, and her hard-working team of Area Coordinators and volunteers, for providing such a successful and welcome return to our club’s legacy event.

   Well Done, one and all!


Important Scheduling Changes

   Remember that there are two significant schedule changes that begin the week of June 13.

  • Civic MWF 8&9AM workouts will NOT BE OFFERED between June 13-August 5. 
  • Long course practices at Schall, Tues&Thurs @ 6AM, 6:05PM, 7:05PM

DAM Coached Practices, June 13-August 5

Pool Times Days
Civic 6AM, 7AM M, Tu, W, Th, F
Arroyo 6AM M, W, F
Schall 6AM Tu, Th
Civic 10AM, 11AM, 12PM, 1PM M, Tu, W, Th, F
Civic 6:15PM M, W, F
Schall 6:05PM, 7:05PM Tu, Th
Civic 7AM, 8AM Sat

DAM Second Lifeguard Training

Initial Certification Course to be offered

   Coach Megan will be offering a lifeguard certification class on the weekend of June 18-19. This will be an initial certification course, for those who have never been certified, and it will be 2 full days of content and training.

   Space will be limited (only three spots left!), and priority will be given to swimmers who regularly attend practices that have had problems getting a second guard to attend. Cost for the class and certification is $250. DAM is not covering the cost for these classes.

   If interested, contact Vivian, or talk to the Coach on Deck.

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Tuesday, June 14, at 6:30PM in the Brady Building.

DAM Birthdays 

Liz ApplegateMonday, June 6
Alex ArdansMonday, June 6
Erin CorneliusWednesday, June 8
Cynthia GraftonWednesday, June 8
Bruce BralySaturday, June 11
Stephanie KinderSaturday, June 11

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