The Monday Message - August 15, 2022


Head Coach's Message

   Thanks for all the hard work last week. We had some tough workouts and you all crushed it! I’m very excited to be working with a group of people who are so willing to put in the work every day. Keep it up!

   Please help me learn names by signing in every day, writing your full name legibly at every workout. The sign in sheet not only helps me track attendance but also helps me learn everyone’s name. I have a lot of names to remember so your help is appreciated.

   Congrats to the following DAM swimmers:

Jane Russell — Jane competed at the USMS Nationals meet last weekend. She represented DAM extremely well, finishing in 10th in the 100 back, 9th in the 50 fly, 7th in the 200 back, 9th in the 100 breast, and 7th in the 200 fly. Congrats Jane!

Mark Braly — Mark was featured in a New York Times article chronicling his efforts as the world’s oldest water polo player. It’s a great read. Check it out here. Congrats to Mark for all of his hard work and dedication to the aquatics world!

Notes from the President

   Congrats to Gayle Bondurant - who set a club record in the 75-79 50 Fly during the 8/7 Intersquad meet with a time of 43.96.

   Thank you to Robert Norris for snapping the attached 2022 team photo during the 8/7 BBQ at Arroyo. It's another snapshot of the greatest DAM club in America.

The observant swimmer will notice Robert in the upper right corner of the photo, a further illustration that DAM magic. -ed.

DAM Scholarship Program

   Part of DAM’s Mission Statement as a non-profit entity is to promote the health and well being of the Davis Community through adult swimming programs.

   During COVID, DAM began a sponsorship/scholarship program to assist members who had been financially impacted by the pandemic, and who could no longer afford to swim with our program. This program continues, and is available to assist members who experience unexpected financial hardship. 

   Some of our members are also financially sound, and may be looking for tax deductible charitable giving opportunities. In particular, giving in a way that allows for someone to continue the healthy and spiritually uplifting activity of swimming with DAM, and engaging in the positive culture and community of DAM.  

   Would you like a chance to give a less fortunate team member an opportunity to stay in the program while regaining their financial footing? If so, please fill out the confidential sponsor application

   Have you or someone you know lost their job, been financially impacted by some life event that makes swimming at DAM not affordable? If so please fill out the scholarship application for a temporary fee waiver consideration.

DAM Board Meeting

The next DAM Board meeting will be on Thursday, August 18, at 6:30PM in the Brady Building.

DAM Birthdays 

Ted DeaconMonday, August 15
Patricia NewmanMonday, August 15
Stacey EpsteinTuesday, August 16
Debra FungTuesday, August 16
Heather HoughWednesday, August 17
Joseph O'FlahertyWednesday, August 17
Jonathan JensenThursday, August 18
Cliff MillemannFriday, August 19
Ahmet GulcuSaturday, August 20

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